Can One Change Guru?

Can One Change Guru?

Dharamdas was a disciple of Kabir Sahib. During conversation between God Kabir and Dharmdas, Dharamdas once asked a question.

Quesion (of Dharmdas):- O Lord, can one change guru? I have heard from saints that one should not change guru. (Guru ek, Gyan anek) One guru, diverse knowledge.

Answer (of God Kabir): -

Jab tak guru miley nahin sacha, tab tak guru karo das pancha |
Kabir jhoothe guru ke paksh ko, tajat na lagae vaar |
Dwaar na paavae moksh ka, reh vaar ka vaar ||

Meaning - Until one finds a true guru (Satguru), one must keep changing gurus. No matter how many gurus one has to acquire and change. One should immediately abandon a fake guru.

Kabir, doobae the par ubhre, guru ke gyan chamak |
Beda dekha jarjara, utar chaley phadak ||

Meaning - When I found a true guru, I found out with the torch of his knowledge that our knowledge and the solution (way of worship) both are wrong. So, I changed the guru just as an animal runs very swiftly when frightened, and just as if passengers travelling at night find out in the morning that the boat in which we are travelling has water entering into it and there is a safe and intact boat standing next to it, then a wise passenger who is not intoxicated immediately abandoning the broken boat sits in the leak-proof boat. When I heard this knowledge of True Guru Kabir in Kashi that I have narrated to you, I did not consider caste or religion. I immediately surrendered to the Satguru, and taking intiation mantra, I am doing bhakti now. Satguru has ordered me to give initiation. O Dharmdas! Just think, if an ill person does not become healthy from the treatement of a doctor, then does he or she not go to another doctor? 

Dharmdas said – ‘One does go, and one should go; one should save one’s life.’ Supreme God said – ‘Likewise, a human life is obtained for the welfare of the soul. A soul is inflicted with the chronic illness of birth and death. This cannot be terminated without the Satyanaam and Saarnaam. Both these mantras are available from Satguru Kabir who lives in Kashi. No one else on the earth has these mantras. You may go to Kashi and take initiation. You would be salvaged, because without Satguru, one cannot go to that Satyalok of mine.’  

Dharmdas said – ‘You are yourself Satya Purush. Now I would not be misled. You are disguising yourself. O Lord! I have taken intiation from Guru Roopdas. I will first take permission from him to change guru. If he will allow me, then I will change guru. But seeing the limit of foolishness of Dharmdas, Supreme God disappeared the sixth time. Dharmdas again became distraught. He first went to Roopdas ji who was a worshipper of Shri Krishna, that is, Shri Vishnu. He was associated with Vaishnav Panth.

Dharmdas narrated the entire account to Saint Roopdas and asked for permission to change guru. Saint Roopdas was a noble soul. He said – ‘Son Dharmdas! The knowledge that you have heard from that Jinda Baba, only God can impart such knowledge. I have become very old. I cannot abandon this path. If you wish, you can take intiation from that Mahatma.

Then Dharmdas went to Kashi. There he enquired about the hut of Weaver Kabir. He was struck with amazement on seeing Supreme God Kabir weaving clothes there. He was also immensely delighted to see that he only is the Satguru and the Supreme God. Then Dharmdas took initiation from him and got his welfare done. Supreme God Kabir then gave Satyanaam of two words (in which one is Om mantra and other is Tat which is coded) to Dharmdas. Then, by giving him Saarnaam, made him resident of Satlok.


FAQs about "Can One Change Guru?"

Q.1 Can there be multiple gurus?

According to the Suksham Ved, until one finds a true guru (Satguru), it's acceptable to seek knowledge from different sources. The emphasis is on finding a genuine spiritual guide who can lead you on the right path. The idea is not to remain fixed to a false guru but to seek and recognize the true one.

Q.2 Can a guru change destiny?

The complete guru can guide and provide the true way of worship according to our Holy scripture that changes the actions of a devotee towards meritorious deeds, eradicates their sin, and ultimately changes destiny.

Q. 3 Can a guru change your karma?

A guru can guide righteous living and provide the true way of worship. By following their teachings and leading a virtuous life. By doing the worship, it positively impacts one's karma. The transformation comes from following His teachings and modifying the actions accordingly.

Q.4 Is the guru greater than God?

Yes, a guru is greater than God, the importance of a true guru (Satguru) is highlighted as they guide individuals on the path to spiritual realization. The guru is a guide who leads the devotee toward the divine, without a Guru a person can never attain God, and that's why the Guru is considered greater than God.

Q.5 How can karma be removed?

Bad Karma can be removed by taking initiation from a complete Guru and leading a righteous life, performing good deeds, and selfless service (seva), by following the guidance of a true guru. Engaging in acts of kindness, compassion, and selfless service can help mitigate the effects of negative karma and lead towards salvation and worldly benefits.


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Pranjal Kumar

I fail to grasp why having a Guru is necessary. Can't individuals worship God by studying scriptures? After all, isn't God accessible to everyone without the need for a mediator like Gurus?

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we appreciate your perspective on our article. The significance of a Guru is emphasized in our Holy scriptures, and it's an integral aspect that shouldn't be disregarded. Additionally, God Himself has conveyed true spiritual knowledge that without a Guru, one cannot attain worldly benefits or salvation. For deeper spiritual understanding, we suggest exploring the spiritual knowledge shared by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj through the book Gyan Ganga and by listening to His spiritual discourses.


Sanjana Dalal

I've been told from many people that changing a Guru after being initiated is considered a sin in the eyes of God, and it's believed that one cannot attain salvation or any benefits after changing a guru.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, thank you for engaging with our article. It's true that after initiation from a complete Guru, it's advised not to change. However, if the Guru is not complete, seeking guidance from another Guru is acceptable. For instance, Dattatrey, a renowned spiritual figure, had 24 Gurus before finding refuge in a complete Guru. For deeper spiritual insights, we encourage you to explore the true spiritual knowledge by listening to the discourses of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and reading the book Gyan Ganga.