Spiritual Discussion - Sant Rampal Ji & Parkhi Abhilash Das Kabir Panthi - Allahabad

In this debate, Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj strongly refute the misconceptions propagated by Parkhi Abhilash Das. The debate explores the concepts of Spiritual truth and arbitrary falsehood. Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj disprove Parkhi Abhilash Das's spiritual beliefs by drawing evidences from sacred scriptures such as the Gita and the Vedas. This debate will help you determine who is the true Saint based on genuine Spiritual knowledge.

Who is Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj? 

Sant Rampal Ji is a beneficent Spiritual Saint (Kabir Panthi) who teaches the renunciation of evils and the adoption of the righteous path as prescribed by the spiritual scriptures. He is correcting the wrong practices prevalent in society and the misinformation spread about God.

Who is Parkhi Abhilash Das?

Parkhi Abhilash Das is also a follower of Kabir. He belongs to Allahabad Gaddi. He considers Kabir Saheb ji as Sadhguru but on the other hand, he believes that Kabir Saheb ji was a human being. He has written a 700-page summary of the Gita, by selecting some verses of his choice from the Gita, he wrote Gita Saar and studied the Vedas and wrote books on them. The Parkhi sect considers Kabir Saheb only as a revered Sadguru rather than as a God. He does not even believe that a place like Sachkhand/Satlok exists, and his actions reveal that he is a complete atheist who considers human beings (Jeev as Bharm) as God. His ultimate goal is to achieve state of thoughtlessness during meditation.

Main points of the Spiritual Debate:

● What is the doctrine of the Parakhi sect and its main scripture?

● Is Kabir Saheb ji God or just a human being?

● Who is Sadhguru?

● Information about the lotus situated in the human body?

● Who is the creator of the world?

● What do the Vedas say about God?

● What is the essence of the religious text, Gita?

● Can the effects of fate be nullified?

● What is salvation?

● Which is the true Kabir sect?

Principles of Parkhi Abhilash Das and his sect (Parakhi sect):

1. Man (Jeev) himself is Bharm.

2. There is no creator of the universe.

3. There is no God.

4. Sins cannot be erased - There is no one who can show grace or mercy, and man suffers the consequences of whatever he does.

5. There is no need to chant mantras.

6. There is no place like Satlok.

Creation of this Universe

Parkhi Abhilash Das states that the universe was not created; it has existed since the beginning. According to him, there is no creator of this universe because there is no power like God. Sant Rampal Ji refers to Gita Chapter 16, Verses 6, 7, 8, and 9, and strongly refutes this notion. Sant Rampal Ji states that the idea that there is no creator of this universe is not only foolish but also demonic according to the Gita. Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj has said that the Supreme God in the Vedas is KavirDev. And God is corporeal, He lives in Satlok.

Path of Worship

Parkhi Abhilash Das shares his views that salvation cannot be achieved by chanting mantras, but through meditation. He explains that the essence of meditation lies in the cessation of thoughts. Alternatively, one can focus on the sensation of warmth or the rhythmic flow of the breath. These techniques serve as helpful exercises to still the mind during meditation, and the final method is to think about nothing. On the other hand, Sant Rampal ji provides mantras in three stages. By chanting these mantras, a person can attain salvation and become a permanent resident of Satlok. 

Sant Rampal Ji states that people like Abhilash Das distorted spiritual knowledge and doing injustice to the holy souls and seekers of God. Watch the entire debate to know more.