Spiritual Discussion - Sant Rampal Ji & Sant Kunwar Singh Ji Radha Soami Dinod


For many innocent and unassuming devotees, the path to a Guru often leads through family and friends. When choosing a spiritual sect, it's crucial to ask: Who was the originator of the sect? Did they have a Guru? Which scriptures form the foundation of their knowledge? How did they lead their life, and what exemplary paths did they pave?

In this enlightening video, Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj aims to explore the roots of Radha Soami Sect, while also uncovering the diverse off-shoots of this sect. Special emphasis is placed on understanding how to recognise the real Guru. Another key aspect discussed in the video is a very significant prediction made by Tulsidas ji of the Jai Gurudev sect from Mathura.

Additionally, Sant Rampal Ji sheds light on the life of Shiv Dayal Ji, the founding figure of Radha Soami panth. This exploration unveils previously overlooked facets of Shiv Dayal Ji's life and his after-life, supported by evidence drawn directly from the texts of Radha Soami panth. 

Sant Rampal Ji systematically compares how the Radha Soami panth and its branches comprehend Satlok (the everlasting abode). Furthermore, the video probes how they describe the transition of a soul after death into Satlok and its rightful owner, Kabir Saheb; equating it to what the actual Kabir Vaani says. The varying definitions of Satnaam by these sects and it's original meaning as per Kabir Vaani have also been clarified.

The debate also highlights the practices and beliefs of the Radha Soami panth, whose evidence is taken from the life history of Shiv Dayal Ji, as documented by the sect itself.

Join us on this insightful journey as we discover the essence and origins of Radha Saomi in this spiritual debate between Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and Sant Kumar Singh Ji Radha Soami Dinod.


FAQs : "Spiritual Discussion - Sant Rampal Ji & Sant Kunwar Singh Ji Radha Soami Dinod"

Q.1 Who was the originator of the Radha Soami sect?

The founder of the Radha Soami panth was Shiv Dayal Ji Maharaj.

Q.2 Did Shiv Dayal Ji Maharaj have a Guru?

No, Shiv Dayal Ji Maharaj lacked a spiritual mentor to guide him, which is emphasized in our scriptures as essential for achieving salvation. Consequently, according to his own texts, Shiv Dayal Ji did not attain salvation.

Q. 3 Which scriptures form the foundation of the Radha Soami knowledge?

The Radha Soami knowledge is primarily based on the teachings of Shiv Dayal Ji Maharaj which is completely against Kabir Sagar and our Holy scriptures.

Q.4 What significant prediction did Tulsidas Ji of the Jai Gurudev sect make?

Tulsidas Ji made a significant prophecy about a Saint who would lead the entire world through his spiritual wisdom, a description that perfectly aligns with Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj.

Q.5 How does Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj aim to help recognize the real Guru?

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj provides insights and criteria for recognizing the real Guru through systematic comparisons and discussions by providing evidences from Sukasham Ved.

Q.6 What clarification is provided regarding the original meaning of Satnaam according to Kabir Vaani?

The debate sheds light on the varying definitions of Satnaam by Radha Soami sect, contrasting them with the original meaning as per Kabir Vaani.


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Kamal Singh

Radha Soami sect has been established long before Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj, providing complete knowledge about Kabir Sahib. Millions of followers worldwide are devoted to this path hence you can't prove this path wrong.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we acknowledge your engagement with our article. While it's true that the Radha Soami sect predates Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and boasts millions of followers worldwide, mere longevity doesn't guarantee true knowledge. By comparing their teachings with Kabir Sagar and our Holy scripture, it's evident that this sect has led many astray. We encourage you to watch the entire video and compare the knowledge of both sects before making a decision. For further insights, we recommend reading the book Gyan Ganga and listening to spiritual discourses by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj available on various social media platforms.

Anup Joshi

All Gurus in the world are misleading society and lack spiritual knowledge. Therefore, I refrain from following any Guru and worship God directly, leading a fulfilling life.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we appreciate your perspective on our article. Indeed, upon comparing the knowledge of Gurus worldwide with our scriptures, one might find discrepancies. However, throughout history, there has always been a complete Guru on Earth guiding humanity on the true spiritual path. Currently, Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj fulfills this role, and his teachings align with scripture. The benefits experienced by devotees through his prescribed way of worship serve as evidence of its authenticity. Without a Guru, one's spiritual journey may be directionless, as our scriptures indicate. We urge you to explore your scriptures by reading Gyan Ganga and listening to spiritual discourses by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj before embarking on your spiritual journey.