Spiritual Discussion - Sant Rampal Ji & Hansa Desh - Satpal Ji Maharaj (s/o Hans Ji Maharaj)


Spiritual debates are like a boon for the devotees because they provide them an opportunity to differentiate between right and wrong. This knowledge discussion contains the views of Hansa desh chief Satpal Ji Maharaj and Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj.

Hansades Pramukh Satpal Ji Maharaj considers his sadguru as Ishtadev. His sadhguru is Hansji Maharaj (Hansram Singh Ji) who was his father. Satpal Ji Maharaj says that Isht Dev and Sadhguru are one and the same.

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj considers His Deity Param Akshar Brahma /Sachchidanandaghan Brahma / Kabir Parameshwar who is the Supreme Productive Lord, Omniscient, in the language of saints He is known as SatPurush. Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj says that Ishtadev is the deity who is worshipped as God and Satguru is the representative of God, who leads the path to attain salvation. 

Satpal ji Maharaj says that the bhakti sadhana he performs and the mantras he gives to his followers are as per the scriptures. He says that close your eyes and listen to Anhad, try to put the tongue upside down on the palate i.e. do Amrit Kriya (Khechari Mudra) and chant the name "Hans" in such a way that chant "Sa" while inhaling and chant "Ham" while exhaling. He says that it becomes Soham in this way. But in reality it is not possible to form Soham by reversing the “hans” and also there is no benefit of chanting Soham alone. 

Kabir Saheb has said - Soham Soham Jap Mare, Vyrtha Janma Gawaye.

There is a book of this sect "Hansyog Prakash" in which it is clear that Satpal Ji Maharaj's Guru Hans Ji was the priest of Vishnu Ji and he used to perform Hatha Yoga. His Guru Ji preached him to practise Anhad Dhun, Khechari Mudra etc.
In his another book "Amrit Ke Kalash", page 61 depicts that Hans Ji Maharaj did hard penance by taking instruction from Guru Ji. However in Gita chapter 17 verse 5, 6 Hatha Yoga is forbidden and in Gita chapter 16 verse 9 illustrates that those who preach wrong information will cause the destruction of the world.

Kabir saheb has also forbidden Hatha Yoga, He evangelised the easiest path of Bhakti according to which, He instructed to do bhakti while working. Kabir Parmeshwar says
Naam uthat naam baithat, naam sauvat jagave।
Naam khaate, naam pite, naam seti laagve।।

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj's knowledge is based on the teachings of Kabir Saheb and all the scriptures. Saint Rampal ji Maharaj says that the weapon of a saint is knowledge. Saint Rampal ji Maharaj says that Hansadesh is a misleading sect. The religious leaders of this sect have no knowledge of the scriptures like Puranas or the Gita or the Vedas. Hansadesh Pramukh, Hansram Singh ji has two sons - Satpal ji Maharaj who is in Delhi and the younger son Shri Prem ji Maharaj who is also known as Bal Yogeshwar, is in America. He has ruined the lives of lakhs of people.

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj says that the course of the saint is the holy scriptures Gita, Vedas, Puranas, Kabir Vani etc. One who imparts knowledge based on his syllabus is a true saint otherwise he is cheating the public. Shri Hansji Maharaj did Hatha Yoga, whereas the Gita chapter 3 verses 7, and 8, emphasise Karma Yoga and not Hatha Yoga. Yajurveda chapter 40 verse 15 also says that one has to worship God while doing karma. In the Gita chapter 16 verse 23, it is declared that one who indulges arbitrary bhakti out of his own will attains neither happiness, nor accomplishment of work, and arbitrary practice is meaningless.

At the same time, Shri Satpal Ji Maharaj tells the meaning of "Vraj" "to come" which is written in the 66th verse of Gita Chapter 18. Whereas Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj explains with proof that the meaning of "Vraj" is "to go". In the same chapter in verse 62 of Gita Chapter 18, the Gita Gyan Daata is also asking him to take refuge in another Supreme God.

Shri Satpal Ji Maharaj believes that one has to suffer his sins. While Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj proved from the Gita and Vedic scriptures that the Supreme Lord destroys sins. Satpal ji Maharaj also believes in superstition and wears a stone ring. 

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj has decided the entire Tatvgyan with proof from scriptures and the knowledge He gave is the most scientific.

Kabir nau man soot ulajhiya, Rishi rahe jhakh maar।
Satguru esa suljha de, uljhe na duji baar।।

In the entire world currently, only Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is a Tatvadarshi Saint who could provide sat bhakti. And all the people of the world could attain salvation only by taking initiation from Him. To know more watch this debate


FAQs : "Spiritual Discussion - Sant Rampal Ji & Hansa Desh - Satpal Ji Maharaj (s/o Hans Ji Maharaj)"

Q.1 What are the differing interpretations of the term "Vraj" in Gita Chapter 18 by Satpal Ji Maharaj and Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj?

Satpal Ji Maharaj interprets "Vraj" as "to come" in verse 66 of Gita Chapter 18, suggesting a movement towards something. On the other hand, Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj interprets "Vraj" as "to go," implying a departure from a current state or place which clarifies the actual meaning of verse.

Q.2 How do Satpal Ji Maharaj and Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj differ in their beliefs regarding sin and salvation?

Satpal Ji Maharaj believes that one must suffer their sins and wears a stone ring for protection. In contrast, Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj refutes this belief, citing scriptures that proclaim the Supreme Lord's ability to destroy sins.

Q. 3 What practices does Satpal Ji Maharaj prescribe for his followers, and what criticism does Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj offer regarding them?

Satpal Ji Maharaj prescribes practices like Anhad Dhun, Khechari Mudra, and chanting the name "Hans" for bhakti sadhana which is against our scriptures. Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj criticizes these practices as deviating from true scriptural teachings, emphasizing the futility of Hatha Yoga and arbitrary rituals. He advocates for a more knowledge-based approach to devotion.

Q.4 How do Satpal Ji Maharaj and Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj differ in their views on the relationship between Ishtadev and Sadhguru?

Satpal Ji Maharaj believes Ishtadev and Sadhguru are the same, considering his father, Hansji Maharaj, as his Ishtadev which is wrong. In contrast, Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj distinguishes between Ishtadev, the worshipped deity, and Sadhguru, the representative of God who guides the path to salvation as described in our scriptures.

Q.5 What scriptures does Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj claim to base his knowledge on, and how it's different from that of the chief of Hansadesh sect?

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj claims his knowledge is based on divine authentic texts of all religions like Gita, Vedas, Puranas, Kabir Vani (Suksham Veda), Quran Sharif, Bible and Guru Granth Sahib. While the chief of Hansadesh sect lacks scriptural knowledge and misleads people by promoting Hatha Yoga and superstitions which is against our scriptures. Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj argues for a more authentic interpretation of scriptures and condemns misleading practices.


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Jatin Verma

Satpal Ji Maharaj is imparting great knowledge that has been followed by our ancestors, and we are continuing on the same path, which brings us pleasure and peace of mind. Therefore, no one can question his knowledge, especially considering his millions of followers who are content with his teachings.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we appreciate your engagement with our article. We commend Satpal Ji Maharaj for his efforts, and we acknowledge the millions of followers who worship him. However, we cannot assume the authenticity of a true guru solely based on the number of followers, as we know that the right path often attracts few. While you may be currently experiencing happiness due to your past good karma, it's important to note that when your past good karma runs out, you may suffer. Additionally, many may follow Satpal Ji Maharaj, but are they truly benefiting? Genuine worship should yield benefits for the devotee, and Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj has shown through scripture and evidence that the teachings of Satpal Ji Maharaj are against our scriptures and therefore futile. Our aim is to provide complete spiritual knowledge based on holy scriptures, that's why we encourage you to practice our holy scriptures by listening to the discourses of Sant Rampal Ji available on all social media platforms and reading the book "Gyan Ganga".

Vinod kumar

Initially, I wasn't satisfied with the knowledge of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj, but as I'm reading more articles, I'm becoming more interested. It's unique to see that you are presenting the spiritual knowledge of different gurus in the form of a debate, making it easier for devotees deeply interested in spirituality to compare their teachings.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we appreciate your comment on our article. It's wonderful that you're beginning to understand the true spiritual knowledge of Almighty God, which is understood by those upon whom God shows mercy. We will continue to provide such spiritual knowledge based on the holy scriptures of all religions to guide people towards the correct way of worship, which brings the benefits of Almighty God, relieving pain and suffering and ultimately leading to salvation. For more information, we encourage you to listen to Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj's discourses available on all social media platforms and read the book "Gyan Ganga."