Complete Liberation is Possible after Taking Naam from Tatvadarshi Saints

Complete Liberation is Possible after Taking Naam from Tatvadarshi Saints

The purport of Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4 Verse 33 to 35 is that

Oh Arjun! Go to the Tatvadarshi saints who have the complete knowledge and the solution of the Purna Parmatma (Supreme God). Submissively and respectfully prostrate before them, with love and courtesy ask the path to that God. Then those saints will tell the way (Satnaam and Saarnaam) of achieving Purna Parmatma, knowing which you will not be deluded by ignorance. Then you, on the basis of this knowledge only, will first of all know yourself (that how did I get caught in Kaal’s trap) and then will see me (in Kaal form); then you will try your best to get out of here.

The distinctive feature of a Tatvadarshi Saint has been elaborated in Gita Adhyay 15 Shlok 1 to 4.

Further in Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 4 Verse 33 to 42, Kaal God, the narrator of Holy Srimad Bhagavad Gita Ji, said that knowledge yagya is superior to wealth yagya (charity). I am unaware of that Supreme God’s tatvagyan i.e. I do not know. Therefore go to a knowledgeable (Dheeranam) saint who has complete knowledge about the Purna Parmatma and gather full information (the path to Purna Brahm Parmatma); first of all, prostrate before those Purna Saints (complete saints), then serve them, and then with great submissiveness and courteousy ask them the way to attain Purna Parmatma. Then becoming pleased they will explain the entire tatvagyan to you and will do your good by giving naam updesh (initiation). Then you will be able to understand me that I am actually Kaal. First of all you will understand yourself that who are you and how did you get caught in my (Kaal’s) trap. Then you will look at me (considering me Kaal) with a different perspective (not with the previous disposition). When you will come to know about the Purna Parmatma, then you will search for the Complete Guru who will give you Satnaam and Saarnaam. Then after taking jaap of three mantras (in which one is Om + Tat + Sat, these two are indicative mantras which only that Complete Saint can tell) from that Tatvadarshi saint you will become free from all the sins. When you will acquire full knowledge about me (Kaal), then will do naam jaap and bhajan with full interest. The intense interest in Satyanaam and Saarnaam will destroy the sins like fire i.e. that God has this power that He can end all the sins of a living being; whereas, Brahm (Kaal) can not do so. One who has gained complete information will attain supreme peace i.e by doing sadhna of Purna Parmatma will become completely liberated.

A devotee, whose all doubts have been dispelled, has surrendered himself to the Purna Parmatma. That knowledgeable person severs the demon of doubt with the sword of Tattavgyan. Therefore get up i.e become alert, listen to the Tatvagyan from the Tatvadarshi saint and become firm on the scripture-based acts of bhakti.


FAQs about "Complete Liberation is Possible after Taking Naam from Tatvadarshi Saints"

Q.1 How can one achieve liberation?

According to the teachings mentioned in Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4, Verses 33-35, achieving liberation involves seeking guidance from Tatvadarshi Saints who possess comprehensive knowledge about the Supreme God. By humbly approaching these enlightened saints, learning the path to realizing Purna Parmatma (Supreme God), acquiring tatvagyan (spiritual knowledge), receiving naam updesh (initiation), and engaging in intense devotion (Satyanaam and Saarnaam) under the guidance of a Complete Guru, one can attain liberation.

Q.2 Can you get moksha in Kaliyuga?

Yes, despite the challenges and negative influences prevalent in Kaliyuga, it is still possible to attain moksha or liberation which is possible by seeking guidance from knowledgeable saints and following the prescribed path to realizing the Supreme God can lead to liberation even in Kaliyuga.

Q. 3 Is moksha permanent?

Yes, moksha (purn moksha) is considered permanent. Once an individual achieves liberation, it is a state of ultimate freedom from the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. Liberation signifies transcendence from worldly suffering and attainment of eternal bliss and eternal abode as mentioned in Gita Ji chapter 18 verse 62.

Q.4 Which God gives moksha?

The path to moksha or liberation is revealed by the Supreme God, referred to as Kabir Saheb Ji. Seeking guidance and initiation from Tatvadarshi Saints who possess complete knowledge about the Supreme God aids in attaining moksha.

Q.5 What does the Bhagavad Gita say about moksha?

The Bhagavad Gita, addresses the concept of moksha and emphasises the importance of seeking knowledge and spiritual wisdom from enlightened saint and following His guidance after taking initiation, ultimately leads to freedom from the cycle of rbirth and death.


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The article claims that only a Guru holds the true way of worship and path to salvation, but I completely disagree. Nowadays, many gurus seem to run businesses, misleading devotees, without any genuine concern for people's well-being.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we value your perspective on our article. It's unfortunate that fake gurus are eroding trust in the genuine ones. However, amidst this, true Saints do exist, as outlined in our Holy scriptures. For further clarity, we recommend exploring the spiritual knowledge of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and delving into the book "Gyan Ganga," which draws from Holy scriptures across various religions.


I've read the Bhagavad Gita multiple times but haven't fully grasped its valuable insights as presented in this article. I wish to gain a deeper understanding of the Holy Srimad Bhagavad Gita Ji.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we appreciate your engagement with our article and are glad it aids spiritual inquiries. The Bhagavad Gita emphasizes the significance of an Enlightened Saint, who can decipher the essence of all scriptures. Presently, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj embodies this role. We recommend delving into Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj's spiritual teachings through discourses and reading "Gyan Ganga." This will offer profound insights into the Bhagavad Gita Ji.