Bitter Truth of Mehandipur Balaji Temple (Dausa, Rajasthan)

Truth of Mehandipur Balaji Temple by Sant Rampal Ji

India is a country that is an extravagance of culture. Land of wonders; India at every place holds historical shreds of evidence of mysteries and religious beliefs. Various religious places pertaining to every religion signify some historical fact. In Hindu mythology, there is a concept of evil spirits called ‘Asuras / devils’ who are anti-god and share the features of powerful beings who crave for more wealth, anger, unprincipled nature, and violence. The auspicious land- India is famous for the worship of several ‘Devas / Gods’ who have the power to curb the unprincipled nature of such evil spirits. This write-up will showcase a true account of one mysterious religious place popularly known as Mehandipur Balaji temple whose revered deity is Lord Hanuman and the belief that the people of the world hold is that this temple is for ritualistic healing and exorcism of evil spirits. Here we will analyze how real ritualistic healing of the soul is done through true devotion? 

We all know that human birth is obtained to do true worship and attain God. Arbitrary conduct in the path of devotion that is not certified in holy books is useless. Activities like worshiping deceased ancestors (Pitrs), Ghosts, demigods, performing Śrāddha, and the like hold no significance and are nowhere mentioned in any of the pious religious books be it any religion. 

This write-up will focus on the following 

  • A brief about Mehandipur Balaji Temple
  • How was Mehandipur Balaji temple established?
  • Does worshipping evil spirits in Mehandipur Balaji provide benefit to humans?
  • Is Lord Hanuman in Mehandipur Balaji truly ‘Sankat Mochan’?
  • Whom does Mehandipur Balaji adore?
  • Can worship of Mehandipur Balaji provide salvation?  
  • Who is Supreme God?

A Brief About Mehandipur Balaji Temple

Mehandipur Balaji temple is located in Brahmbad, Dausa, Karauli district near Todabhim which is near Hindaun city in the state of Rajasthan. The temple Mehandipur Balaji is dedicated to Lord Hanuman; the Hindu deity who is believed to be the ‘Sankat Mochan’, that is, the redeemer of crisis, also the God of Strength. Shri Hanuman Ji is worshipped in the ‘Bala’, that is, in childhood form as Balaji which is the other name for Shri Hanuman Ji hence the temple is named Mehandipur Balaji. This temple attracts many pilgrims across the globe since it is famous for the ritualistic healing and exorcism from evil spirits attachments and black magic or spells. The strong belief of devotees is that Mehandipur Balaji temple provides the best counter-curse to fuse the evil spirits- ghosts, and phantoms.  

Let us proceed and study the true account regarding the establishment of Mehandipur Balaji based on evidence provided in pious scripture and try to find out what is the correct procedure for ritualistic healing of the soul?

How Was Mehandipur Balaji Temple Established in Dausa Rajasthan?

Ref: Nectar speech of Jagatguru Tatvadarshi Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj scripted in the book “Samjha Hai To Sar Dhar Paunv”.

Once there was a true man in Mehandipur in Rajasthan province aged around 30 years. He was a pious soul and a great devout. He had not got married for some reason. Wherever there used to be the recitation of the story of God or a Satsang was held, he used to reach that place. Everyone says that salvation cannot be attained without a Guru. He also made a guru. He used to read and narrate Ramayana. If any ‘Path’ is to be done, then the flame of ‘desi ghee’ (clarified butter) of cow or buffalo is lit, which serves as a ritual where prayers are offered to God in front of ritualistic fire called ‘Hawan’.

He had also built a temple of Sri Rama in which the idols of Ramchandra, Sita, Lakshman, and Hanuman were also installed. In front of those idols, they used to lit an unbroken burning flame. If there was a Phantom obstruction in someone then the flame that was awakened in that temple Ashram, that ghost/phantom would start shouting seeing the idol of Hanuman, Shri Rama, Lakshmana, Sita that ‘leave me Baba; I would never come’. In a while, that phantom sufferer (man or woman) would calm down. The devotee Mehandipur also used to observe all this. If someone suffering from a ghost or Phantom obstruction happens to meet him he used to take him to Gurudham and let him get rid of such evil spirits. 

Once his Guru Ji fell ill and went to a distant city for treatment. He had to stay there for about 6 months but later he died. That devotee Mehandipur used to lit an unbroken burning flame in front of the stone idol of Hanuman Ji (that was found by him at a high place in the rainy season when the soil was cut and swept which was not in very good condition, that is, was not clean, but it seemed that it is of Hanuman Ji. He picked it considering it to be the grace of Hanuman Ji) and installed that idol in one place and lit an unbroken flame.  

Video About Reality of Mehandipur Balaji & Salasar Temple

He used to recite Hanuman Path three times as told by his Guru. Now those who used to go to the phantom barrier (Pretbadha) guru or the new ones who used to go to the devotee Mehandipur to whom he used to take to the Guru, they came to him. The devotee told him that Guru has gone out for treatment. We do not know when he will come back after getting healthy. In the meantime, all of them started shouting at his house in front of that unbroken Jyoti that was awakened in front of the idol of Hanuman Ji. In the same way, they started saying that ‘leave us Baba; we will never come’. 

Within 6 months he became famous all around at that time. Those who used to go to the Guru or all the new ones started going to Mehandipur. The Phantom barrier issue started curing. In that innocent devotee developed the illusion that you too have powers like Guru Ji. He became a Mahant. The Phantom entered in that devotee. He started making new-new inspirations. Delicious food should be made. Seven types of sweets should be made. More Jyoti should be lit, etc. That devotee started preparing seven types of foods, Halwa, Kheer (pudding), Puri, Kachori, Pakaudi, etc, and started ordering seven types of sweets. The persecuted rich people of the Phantom donated him a lot of money. That devotee built a Hanuman temple which is currently made very big.

What do ghosts do?- Ghosts enter the body of others and enjoy sweets and food. They have a subtle body. For those who have a human body, their creature also originally lived in a subtle body. The human body is obtained to him to do devotion, to serve, donate, and attain salvation. 

For those who are unable to do devotion by taking initiation from the complete Guru, their physical human body is snatched. From amongst them, some become Phantoms. That creature who has become Phantom and wants the same happiness with the same physical body which he can only get in the human body. Due to which this Phantom enters someone and enjoys. Those people who drink alcohol and cannot leave. After death, some alcoholic has entered him. Even after wishing they could not give up alcohol.

In Mehandipur that devotee by the name of Balaji made a temple. Started offering prasad of sweets, dry fruits (cashew, almonds, raisins, grapes, etc.). This was done with the inspiration of the Phantom. The sufferer of Phantom barrier who started going to Mehandipur, his Phantom immediately exits and enters in that person of that village (Mehandipur) who would come in the evening Aarti and make a permanent ‘Dera’ there. Every day he eats different kinds of sweets. Thus, the abode of Mehandipur Balaji became the haunted house, meaning, the camp of ghosts. Salvation did not happen to that devotee nor of those who went there. 

Note: Similarly, is the story of a small Hanuman temple in village Salasar in Churu district of Rajasthan province; the same as that of the establishment of Mehandipur Balaji temple being constructed by one Hanuman devotee. In this temple also the cure from evil spirits is done, the Jyoti is lit.  

Now the enduring question in the mind of devotees would be- Does worshipping evil spirits in Mehandipur Balaji or Salasar provide any spiritual benefits to humans? Is there a provision of such worship in any of our holy scriptures?.

Does Worshipping Evil Spirits in Mehandipur Balaji Provide Benefit to Humans?

Performing unscriptural worship that is devoid of injunctions of scriptures is called ‘Avidhya’ (ignorance) which does not provide any spiritual benefit to the seeker. Such arbitrary conduct keeps the creature intact in 84 lakhs of life forms where he has to suffer in the life form of a ghost and/or phantom also. The same is certified in pious Shrimad Bhagawad Gita Chapter 9 Verse 25 where the giver of the knowledge of Gita; Brahm-Kaal tells that “Worshippers of gods go to gods, worshippers of Pitrs go to Pitrs, worshippers of ghosts go to ghosts; likewise, my devotees, who worship in accordance with the scriptures also attain me”. 

In Gita Chapter 16 Verse 23 the narrator of Gita’s knowledge tells that “He who, abandoning the injunctions of the scriptures, acts according to the whimsical desires, neither attains siddhi/perfection, nor supreme state/salvation, nor happiness”. In Gita Chapter 16 Verse 24 he further says “Therefore, in the state of what should be done and what should not be done, Scripture is the only evidence for you. Knowing this, only those acts should be performed, which are in accordance with the ordinances of the scriptures”.

Vedas are the constitution of God and Holy Gita is the gist of four Vedas. Vedas are the instructions of Purna Parmatma (Supreme God) and Gita Ji clarifies that scriptures-based worship should be done with which creature does not become ghost and Phantom. Hence the worship of evil spirits performed in Mehandipur Balaji is useless, this is arbitrary conduct that is unscriptural. It does not provide any benefit to humans rather it incurs sin. This practice should be abandoned.  

Lord Hanuman is the revered deity in Mehandipur Balaji abode. Let us find out- Is Lord Hanuman truly the redeemer of crisis, that is, ‘Sankat Mochan”?. 

Is Lord Hanuman In Mehandipur Balaji Truly Sankat Mochan?

Three deities who are mainly worshipped in Mehandipur Balaji are Lord Hanuman as Balaji, Lord Bhairav, and Shri Pretraj Sarkar (The King of Evil Spirits). According to the belief amongst people of the world, all three deities are related to ghosts and phantoms and have the ability to cure people who are affected by these evil spirits and through black magic, they help the sufferers get free from the clutches of evil spirits. 

Gita Chapter 4 Verse 25-29 says “Whatever worship the seeker is performing they do it considering that to be superior and as the destroyer of evils”. The devotees are mistakenly worshipping three deities in Mehandipur Balaji considering their devotion to be correct. As stated above Gita Ji has proved that worshipping ghosts, demons, and phantom is a useless practice. Therefore, worshipping Kotwal Bhairav, Shri Pretraj Sarkar, and Hanuman Ji also called ‘Sankat Mochan’, in Mehandipur Balaji temple aiming they would cure sufferers from evil spirits is a wrong religious practice. This is unscriptural. Hanuman Ji is incapable of redeeming the crisis of phantom barrier (Pretbadha) sufferers. He himself is in the cycle of birth and rebirth and has not yet attained salvation so how can his devotees be liberated from the vicious cycle of 84 lacs life forms. Hanuman Ji is not truly the ‘Sankat Mochan’, that is, not the redeemer of crisis.

For details also read Hanuman salvation story 

Whom Does Mehandipur Balaji Adore?

Ref: Sukshma Veda, Nectar speech of Sachhidanandghanbrahm, that is, Almighty Kabir

Hindus strongly believe that Lord Hanuman had always remained a loyal devotee of Shri Ramchandra Ji during Treta Yuga. The historical evidence from Epic Ramayana states that after the battle was fought between Shri Ram and Ravana, demon Ravana was killed and Sita Ji wife of Shri Ramchandra Ji was relieved from the prison of devil Ravana. After Shri Ramchandra Ji won the battle they all returned to Ayodhya and were leading a happy life. One day Sita Ji gifted a precious necklace to Shri Hanuman Ji as a reward for his dedication towards the couple Shri Ram and Sita Ji but devotee Hanuman broke that necklace since his revered Shri Ram was not inscribed in that pearl necklace which annoyed Sita Ji. Therefore, she insulted him saying that “O Fool! You have behaved like a monkey only. Go away from my eyes''. This disrespect broke the heart of loyal devotee Hanuman and he abandoned Ayodhya thereafter. 

Almighty Kabir, who had descended in Treta Yuga and was playing divine spectacle of Sage Muninder Ji met Shri Hanuman Ji and provided him true spiritual knowledge and granted true salvation mantras chanting which Shri Hanuman Ji became eligible for the attainment of salvation. He stopped worshipping Shri Ramchandra Ji and showed devotion to the creator of the universe, that is, God Kabir. 

The worshipable Lord Hanuman in Mehandipur Balaji adores Almighty Kavir Dev.

Hanuman Ji did true worship but was not liberated at that time although the seed of true devotion was sown. The point to ponder is when Hanuman Ji did not attain salvation so will his devotees be liberated? 

Can Worship of Mehandipur Balaji Provide Salvation?

The answer is “No”, worshipping Hanuman Ji in Mehandipur Balaji temple will not let souls attain salvation. Aforesaid, proves that Lord Hanuman Ji adores Almighty Kabir who is the provider of salvation. Hanuman Ji himself is in the cycle of birth and rebirth. He cannot grant salvation which clarifies the fact that his devotees also will not be liberated. Hence, the worship done in Mehandipur Balaji by the innocent and ignorant seekers intending to get relieved from evil spirits and attain happiness is a misconception. The devotees are misled and should worship that Supreme power whom Hanuman Ji adores and stop the arbitrary conduct of worshipping in Mehandipur Balaji. 

Finally, who is that supreme power whose worship provides the soul emancipation?.

Who is the Supreme God According to the Holy Gita?

The main purpose of human birth is to do true worship and attain salvation. Aforesaid, facts prove that worshipable Lord Hanuman in Mehandipur Balaji cannot provide salvation. The real ritualistic healing of the soul, that is, attainment of salvation cannot happen with the worship of Mehandipur Balaji, that is, by the devotion of Lord Hanuman, Lord Bhairav, and Pretraj. The devotees are simply misled. So who is that Supreme Power whose worship provides real ritualistic healing to the soul? What is that true worship and who grants true salvation mantras? 

Gita Chapter 15 Verse 16 and 17 mentions two types of Gods, ‘Perishable and Imperishable and clarifies that the Supreme God is, however, someone else other than the two aforesaid Gods, Kshar Purush and Akshar Purush, who by entering the three regions sustains everyone and is called as the Eternal God. 

Gita Chapter 4 Verse 34 says that the various types of above-mentioned Sadhnas are arbitrary practices. God narrating Gita is unaware of the path of complete liberation of the Supreme God. An enlightened saint knows the essence of true spiritual knowledge. By prostrating and politely questioning that Tatvadrashi sant the seeker can get information about the worshipable God who is the provider of salvation. The same evidence is also mentioned in Gita Chapter 2 Verse 15-16.

Gita Chapter 17 Verse 23 talks about the true salvation mantra “Om-Tat-Sat” (coded) which is of Param Akshar Purush, that is, Almighty Kabir whom Lord Hanuman, the worshipable deity of Mehandipur Balaji adores. Salvation can only be attained by chanting this (Coded) mantra. This mantra is of the complete God KavirDev which relieves the soul from the illness of birth and rebirth once for all and the soul attains the immortal abode ‘Satlok’. A visit and worship in Mehandipur Balaji abode cannot do the same.

Hence, the real ritualistic healing of the soul, that is, attainment of salvation is only possible by true worship of Almighty Kavir Dev after taking initiation from a complete guru, Tatvadarshi saint, by remaining in the rules of worship till the last breath.


Mehandipur Balaji is a ghost haunt in the Rajasthan province. There is only the work of casting out ghosts. Countless people go there. There is no salvation for anyone because salvation is obtained by taking initiation from the Satguru and remaining in the dignity of life and donating devotional service. The Guru also has to be complete.

God Kabir in Sacchidanandghanbrahm speech says 

कबीर, एकै साधे सब सधै, सब साधे सब जाय । 
माली सींचे मूल को, फूले फले आघाय।

Kabir, ekke sadhe sab sadhay, sab sadhay sab jaye | 
Maali seenche mool ko, phale phoole aghaye ||

The seekers should aim to attain salvation which is the prime purpose of human birth and should worship only Param Akshar Brahm, God Kabir Dev who is the root (creator) of the entire universe. Almighty KavirDev has descended on earth and is playing divine spectacle in the cover of Jagatguru Tatvadarshi Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj who guarantees that by taking initiation from him (Rampal Das) and by performing true devotion the sufferings of ‘Teen Taap’, that is, Ghost/Phantom barrier, Pitar barrier and the like will finish forever and the seeker will attain Satlok, the immortal abode, hence attainment of complete salvation. Worship in Mehandipur Balaji cannot grant salvation to devotees.