Who is God, What is he like & How to Identify in Holy Scriptures?

Who is God, What is he like & How to Identify in Holy Scriptures?

The most basic question that comes to everyone's mind is “Who is God”? The answer to this enduring question is not available with contemporary sages, saints, Mahants, Kazis, Mullah, Priests, and all religious gurus. They all claim God is formless and misguide innocent souls due to ignorance. Great enlightened Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj has proved from all holy scriptures as to, ‘Who is God’?

Q- Who Is God?

Answer: This question arises due to the fact that we humans are not able to explain the natural phenomena that take place around us. We still can't explain the most basic concept of creation which is happening continually in almost every living thing we see. We can't even explain our existence. We take birth and die. No one knows why one takes birth at a certain point in time, and why one dies. We just accept it as a law of nature. These unexplained phenomena make us believe in some "other" power due to which all the unexplained things are happening. So definitely there is some "Higher Power" which we call ‘God’.

If we look at the beauty and the intricacy of the living things around us, we realize that we cannot simulate even 1% of what exists. So this question is beyond the intellect of a "Human" to provide an answer for, but we realize that there is a bigger force around us who did all the creation, by whom everything is sustaining, and that higher force is called GOD (our father and creator).

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Q- What Is God Like?

Answer: The most intriguing question that has bewildered humankind for centuries has been, “What is God like?”

The fact is that only the "One" who created the creation can answer this question. In other words, the "God", "the higher force" due to which the creation is happening can give an answer to this cardinal question. He who owns it, created it, is controlling it, knows the answer to this question, “What is God Like". We would only know if "He" tells us the answer "Himself". God has done so by uttering that sacred knowledge Himself.

Q- Clarify "Is God a Human", "Is God Male or Female"?

Answer: All holy scriptures prove God is in human form. He resides in the ultimate abode ‘Satlok’. He is enthroned there like a King. 

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Q- What Do All Holy Scriptures Tell About God?

Answer: God {what is his (God) nature} Himself has given us the answer via Holy Texts which we call religious scriptures. Among these texts, the widely recognized ones are the Vedas, Bhagavad Gita which belong to Hinduism, The Bible of the Christians, Quran Sharif of the Muslims, Shri Guru Granth Sahib of the Sikhs and many more. Apart from this, God; Himself has appeared on this earth on various occasions and revealed his secret via his speech (Bani / Vani). 

The religious scriptures have been available for centuries and therefore have been open to interpretation/misinterpretation. People have interpreted in diverse ways as per their intellect. As a result, many Gods have had an existence, due to sheer ignorance of humans. This however was bound to happen because only the one who has written it and created it, can only explain it. Or someone who has been nominated by Omnipotent God can solve the mystery.

This is the reason it is said in most of these scriptures that we have to find a knower who knows it all. That knower will enlighten us. The speaker of the Quran says in Surah Al Furqan 25:59 mentions, "So ask about Him (God), one well informed". Likewise, in Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4:34, the speaker of Gita asks Arjun to find a God Realised Saint who will impart the true knowledge (about who is God). 

Q- How to Identify God According to All Holy Scriptures?

Answer: Only a God-realized Saint (Knower) can tell us about God, His form, His name, His abode, and answer all other questions like why worship God?. Jagat Guru Rampal Ji Maharaj is that God Realised Saint (Tatvadarshi Sant) who has true knowledge about who is God. He has proved from all the Holy Scriptures that the name of God is Kabir means Kabir is God. Vedas, GitaQuran SharifShri Guru Granth Sahib, and you can also find out the answers in the Bible, are a testimony to the fact that the name of God is Kabir.

Q- What is God’s Name in All Holy Scriptures?

Answer: God Kabir is the answer to this question. Holy Vedas greet God as ‘KavirDev’, Pious Quran Sharif mentions the name of Allah, ‘Kabira’, ‘Kabiran’, ‘Khabira’, ‘Khabiran’. The Holy Bible greets God as El Kabir, pious Sriguru Granth Sahib mentions God as ‘Hakka Kabir’. God appears in all four ages (yugas). In Satyug God appeared by the name ‘Satsukrat’. In Treta Yuga God was present on earth by the name ‘Muninder’. In ‘Dwapar Yuga’ God had appeared and was famous by the name ‘Karunamay’. God appeared in ‘Kalyug’ 600 years ago in 1398 AD by His original name “Kabir’ and gave us Kabir Speech (Kabir Vani). During that time God Kabir (Kabir is God) also met Guru Nanak Dev Ji and revealed to him the Truth. 

God Kabir again appeared in 1727 AD and met Garib Das Ji who then eulogized the grandeur of God Kabir (which is the answer of biggest Q “who is God”) in his speech (Known as bani of Garib Das Ji) which is bound as a Granth Sahib. Likewise, God also met Dadu Ji and granted him the true knowledge about Himself. Dadu Ji then sang the glory of God Kabir in his speech.

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When the creature identifies God then he/she should only think of their welfare and immediately take initiation from a Satguru since He is the true representative of God. At present great Tatvadarshi Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is the living authorized saint on earth who is providing real salvation mantras chanting which souls will attain God.  

FAQs about "Who is God, What is he like & How to Identify in Holy Scriptures?"

Q.1 Who is God?

God is a higher power responsible for unexplained phenomena in creation. We, as humans, acknowledge this higher force due to the complexities and beauty in the world around us. Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj has established from various scriptures that God is Kabir.

Q.2 Who is God and how is he like?

Only the Creator knows the true nature of God. It's beyond human intellect to define God's likeness. God reveals this knowledge Himself through sacred texts and teachings, offering insights into His nature that He is human like form.

Q. 3 Is God a human, male, or female?

All holy scriptures affirm that God exists in human form, residing in Satlok as a King. The scriptures like Gita, Quran, Bible, and Guru Granth Sahib all indicate God's presence in a human-like form.

Q.4 What do all holy scriptures reveal about God?

Religious scriptures have been open to interpretation over centuries, leading to various interpretations and the existence of multiple gods. A God-realized Saint who comprehends these scriptures and their true meanings can unveil the mystery behind God's identity.

Q.5 Who is God according to Scriptures?

Only a God-realized Saint, possessing true knowledge about God's form, name, abode, and other aspects, can enlighten seekers. He has demonstrated from various scriptures that the name of God is Kabir.

Q.6 What is God's real name?

The name 'Kabir' signifies God across different religious texts. Vedas call God 'KavirDev,' Quran refers to Allah as 'Kabira/Kabiran/Khabira/Khabiran,' Bible greets God as 'El Kabir,' and Shri Guru Granth Sahib mentions 'Hakka Kabir'. God has appeared in different ages with names like 'Satsukrat,' 'Muninder,' 'Karunamay,' and 'Kabir.

Q.7 Does the Vedas affirm that God has a definite form, contrary to being formless?

In various epochs, God has appeared by different names – 'Satsukrat' in Satyug, 'Muninder' in Treta Yuga, 'Karunamay' in Dwapar Yuga, and in Kalyug (1398 AD) as 'Kabir.' Saints like Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Garib Das Ji, and Dadu Ji have acknowledged God Kabir's presence and revealed His truth.


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Well, this is an amazing article I have ever read. There are many different religions with different perspectives about God and His form. Some say God is formless, some say there are no gods, some say He is in form. What to accept and what not is so confusing, but your article made it clear that God is like us and He lives in Satlok, and He is the only real creator of this entire universe. I will now explore more about this. Thank you.

Satlok Ashram

Thank you, dear reader. Your feedback matters more to us! You are right that there is no clear definition of God, but today Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj has made it clear from holy scriptures and also showed the path to attain God. It's a request understand the knowledge given by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj, take shelter of him, and worship God Kabir. For more information, you can watch the satsang of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj on Sadhna TV from 7:30 to 8:30 pm daily.


Before reading this article, I didn't believe in God, but this article made me think once, and it's really such a great article I have read. But my question is, when will the whole world believe in God's existence?

Satlok Ashram

Satlok Ashram: Dear curious reader, God is only one, and He is God Kabir. All holy scriptures of all religions provide sufficient evidence It's quite clear, and everybody has to accept this fact. The world may not be accepting it now, but they have to understand one day, and they all will take shelter of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj, and the whole world will worship God Kabir. For more information, you can watch the satsang of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj on Sadhna TV from 7:30 to 8:30 pm daily.