7 Myths About Saint Rampal Ji

7 Myths About Saint Rampal Ji

1) Sant Rampal Ji skipped court hearings 43 times

FACT - Sant Rampal was granted “Permanent Exemption from Appearance" by the court. He was being represented by his counsel on all those hearings. Prior to getting this exemption, He attended each and every hearing. 

Only in 2014 He could not attend 3 court hearings due to ill health for which medical certificates were duly submitted in court. So technically speaking, He never missed a hearing & has been a law abiding citizen.

2) Sant Rampal Ji was dismissed from His job

FACT - Sant Rampal Ji resigned from his job in 1995. The resignation letter can be read here. After Swami Ramdevanand ji granted authority to Sant Rampal ji to give initiation in 1995, He resigned from his job as it was not possible to manage both at the same time.

3) Sant Rampal Ji bathed in milk which was then used to prepare kheer

FACT - This claim is preposterous. No sane person would bathe in milk and then prepare kheer and distribute it amongst his devotees. There is no evidence that this ever happened. It doesn't need any further explanation.

4) Sant Rampal Ji prohibits worship of Hindu Gods viz Brahma, Vishnu, Shiv

FACT - Sant Rampal ji actually imparts the correct way of worship of these Gods and also of Supreme God Kabir Sahib.

God Ganesh, Brahma-Savitri, Vishnu-Lakshmi, Shiv-Parvati and Goddess Durga have chakras (Lotuses) in our body. Sant Rampal ji imparts the correct mantras of worship of these deities and of Supreme God Kabir Sahib. So the statement that Satguru Rampal ji prohibits worship of these Gods is unfounded. Read in detail

5) Sant Rampal Ji is a self proclaimed Godman

FACT - Sant Rampal ji is not a self proclaimed Godman. He was given orders by his Guru Swami Ramdevanand Ji Maharaj in 1994 to give initiation to the disciples. Only after getting those orders from his Guru, Sant Rampal ji started giving naam to his followers. Prior to Swami Ramdevanand ji Maharaj, there is a full lineage which can be traced back to God Kabir Sahib who initiated Garibdas ji Maharaj in 1727 AD.

6) Sant Rampal Ji considers himself God

FACT - Sant Rampal ji has always addressed himself as the "Servant of God Kabir". He even calls himself "Dog of God". He has never claimed to be God.

It is His disciples who regard him as God or incarnation of God Kabir and this is just due to the devotion of a devotee. But Sant Rampal ji has never claimed to be God.

7) Sant Rampal Ji had a personal army

FACT - Disciples of Sant Rampal ji (Men, Women & Children) protested outside Satlok Ashram in Barwala in 2014 demanding a CBI enquiry for their pending cases while holding flags and banners in their hands. There was some who were dressed in black distinguishing them from others. They were acting as a deterrent between the police and the protestors mainly women and children. These were projected as a "personal army" by the depraved media.

The fact is that Sant Rampal Ji had no personal army any point in time. His followers protested while Sant Rampal Ji was unwell but the media gave them a bad name.