Without Worship there is no Respite

Without Worship there is no Respite

Bin updesh achambh hai, kyon jivat hain praan |
Bhakti bina kahan thaur hai, ye nar naahin paashaan ||

God Kabir is saying that – O innocent man! I am surprised that with which hope you are living without taking initiation from a Guru. Even your body is not yours; you will have to abandon this as well when you die. Then how can the wealth be yours?

Kabir, kaya teri hai nahin, maya kahan se hoye |
Bhakti kar dil paak se, jeevan hai din doye ||

Those who do not have this realisation that without bhakti a living being has no respite, they are not humans; they are stones. Their intellect has been subdued.

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FAQs: Without Worship there is no Respite

Q.1 What is the significance of worship?

The worship is crucial for finding respite in life. Without devotion and spiritual practice, the human existence lacks purpose and meaning.

Q.2 Why does God Kabir express surprise?

God Kabir expresses surprise at the fact that people live without seeking initiation from a Guru. He questions the hope with which individuals live without realizing the impermanence of their body and material possessions.

Q.3 What does the verse "Kabir, kaya teri hai nahin, maya kahan se hoye" imply?

This verse suggests that the body and material wealth are not truly ours. To attain salvation, one must engage in devotion (bhakti) with a pure heart, as life is fleeting and temporary.

Q.4 Why does God Kabir mention that those without realization are like stones?

God Kabir asserts that individuals who lack the realization that worship and devotion are essential for spiritual well-being are comparable to stones. Their intellect has been subdued, indicating a lack of awareness and understanding.

Q.5 What is the consequence of living without bhakti?

The Suksham Ved suggests that living without bhakti leads to a life devoid of respite. Without a spiritual connection and devotion to a supreme God, one's existence lacks purpose and fulfilment.

Q.6 What is the message conveyed by the verse "Bin updesh achambh hai, kyon jivat hain praan"?

The verse conveys that living without guidance and initiation from a complete Guru is surprising and questionable. It highlights the importance of seeking spiritual guidance for a meaningful and purposeful life.

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Amit Verma

I truly believe that God is essential in our lives, and I express my devotion through daily practices such as reading the chalisa, fasting, visiting temples, and performing all the rituals of a Hindu family with sincerity.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we appreciate your dedication to spiritual practices. However, it's important to align our actions with the teachings of our Holy scriptures, namely the Holy Gita Ji and Vedas. Practices that deviate from these scriptures will not yield the desired spiritual benefits. We encourage you to verify your spiritual practices with the scriptures to ensure alignment and recommend exploring deeper spiritual understanding through the scripture-based discourses of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and reading the book Gyan Ganga.

Vikram Singh

I completely agree with your article emphasizing the importance of having a Guru in our lives. I have a Guru who has provided me with the mantra of God Shiva, and I worship him daily.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, We value your perspective on the significance of having a Guru in spiritual life. While having a Guru is crucial, it's equally important to ensure that the Guru is authentic and follows scripture-based teachings. Choose a Guru wisely, one who possesses correct knowledge of scripture and is authorized to provide initiation, is essential. We recommend reading the book Gyan Ganga and listening to scripture-based discourses of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj to gain a deeper understanding of authentic spiritual guidance.