Why and How is consuming tobacco a hindrance in achieving God?

Why and How is consuming tobacco a hindrance in achieving God?

Consumption of tobacco has been described as the most sinful act and the biggest hindrance in achieving God. Even offering tobacco to someone is highly sinful. Those who worship but also consume tobacco or alcohol can never attain God. Possibly this is why tobacco is forbidden in Sikhism and is not cosumed by Sikhs. 

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FAQs about "Why and How is consuming tobacco a hindrance in achieving God?

Q.1 What is the origin of tobacco?

According to Suksham Ved, tobacco originated from the blood of a cow. It is named "तमाखू" (tamākhū), derived from "तमा" (tamā) meaning cow, and "खू" (khū) signifying blood.

Q.2 How is tobacco considered a hindrance to achieving God?

Tobacco is viewed as a hindrance to spiritual progress due to its detrimental effects on physical health, mental clarity, and self-discipline. Its consumption agitates the deities in the Kamal Chakra of the soul and creates hindrance in the path of salvation.

Q.3 Why is offering tobacco to someone highly sinful?

Offering tobacco to someone is deemed highly sinful because it perpetuates the consumption of a substance seen as harmful to both physical and spiritual well-being. By encouraging or enabling others to indulge in tobacco use, one contributes to their spiritual detriment and perpetuates a cycle of harm.

Q.4 What are the potential consequences of indulging in tobacco?

From a spiritual perspective, indulging in tobacco use creates hindrance in the path of salvation and also deteriorates physical health, and contributes to severe negative karma.

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Amrit Saini

This video has truly enlightened me. While I was already aware of the health hazards associated with tobacco, I never realized that consuming it is considered a sin. I have indulged in various intoxicants throughout my life, and this video has genuinely inspired me to give up these harmful habits.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we appreciate your feedback on our article. We are delighted to learn that our video has motivated you to consider giving up this detrimental habit in the future. Intoxicants not only pose obstacles on the path to salvation but also harm one's health. Many of us unknowingly engage in detrimental habits due to a lack of spiritual knowledge. We encourage you to acquire genuine spiritual knowledge by listening to the spiritual discourses of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj and reading the book Gyan Ganga.

Akash Srivastava

Nearly 80% of the global population may engage in various forms of intoxication, including the use of intoxicating substances in medicines. If the consumption of intoxicants is considered a sin, then it implies that the entire world is comprised of sinners.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we value your involvement with our article. The information presented is not rooted in human opinion but is derived from authentic knowledge provided by the Almighty God. Disregarding the constitution of God can be detrimental to humans. The consumption of intoxicants is deemed a sin in the eyes of God, and there is ample evidence provided in this context. Regarding medicines, there are specific guidelines for everything, and one can understand them by connecting with an enlightened saint. Therefore, we recommend reading the book Gyan Ganga and listening to the spiritual discourses of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj to gain insights into the constitution of God.