Where is the Eternal Abode "Satlok" | Video

Where is the Eternal Abode "Satlok" | Video

What is SATLOK or God's Eternal Abode ? Where Is God's Eternal Abode ? How can one reach Satlok?

Spiritual Leader Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj has given answers to these cardinal questions. So far people only have the knowledge of heaven, and the fact is that heaven is not eternal. Those who reach heaven are born again after they finish or consume the benefit of their meritorious acts performed during their lives. 

FAQs about "Where is the Eternal Abode "Satlok" | Video"

Q.1 What is Satlok or God's Eternal Abode?

Satlok, God's Eternal Abode is distinct from the temporary nature of heaven, everlasting and beyond the cycle of birth and death.

Q.2 Where is God's Eternal Abode located?

Satlok, is not a physical place in the conventional sense. It is a spiritual realm beyond the material universe, described as a timeless and eternal realm where the Supreme God Kabir Saheb Ji resides.

Q.3 How is Satlok different from heaven?

Unlike heaven, which is temporary and subject to the exhaustion of one's virtuous deeds where a soul returns to the cycle of birth and death, Satlok is an eternal abode and free from the cycle of rebirth. It is a realm where soul attains permanent liberation.

Q.4 How can one reach Satlok?

Our Holy scriptures emphasizes the path of true devotion and knowledge to reach the eternal abode. Satlok is guided by complete Saint who guides the devotees to follow a righteous and virtuous life, and practising devotion to the Supreme God Kabir Saheb Ji with sincerity and dedication which ends the cycle of birth and death.

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Srishti Rana

I've been searching for a while to understand who the Almighty God is. The information in the video is fascinating and new to me. I want to gather more details about this knowledge.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we appreciate your feedback on our article. The knowledge presented in the video is derived from the holy scriptures of all religions and is authentic. If you delve deeper into the discourses of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, you'll gain clarity on all your spiritual queries. We recommend listening to more of his spiritual discourses and reading the book Gyan Ganga for additional information.

Rachana Ojha

After watching the video, I am completely confused because we have always known Kabir Saheb Ji as only a poet and saint. However, this video presents a different perspective from what I've heard. Some lines in the video have deeply affected me. How can I believe what is right?

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we value your engagement with our content. The knowledge provided on our website is entirely scripture-based and authentic. Indeed, due to a lack of knowledge, we may have previously considered Kabir Saheb as a simple saint or poet, but according to our Holy scriptures, He is the Almighty God who always descend on Earth to impart true spiritual knowledge. For a more profound understanding, we recommend listening to additional spiritual discourses by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and reading the book Gyan Ganga.