How was the Temple of Shri Jagan Nath built in Puri?

How was the Temple of Shri Jagan Nath built in Puri?

In Orissa state, there was a king named Indradaman. He was exclusively devoted to God Shri Krishna Ji. One night Shri Krishna appeared in king’s dream and said that get a temple of mine built by name Jagannaath. Shri Krishna Ji also said that idol-worship is not to be done in this temple. Only a saint has to be left in it who should impart knowledge according to Holy Gita to the visitors. He also showed the place on the seashore where the temple had to be built. On waking up in the morning King Indradaman told his wife that last night I saw God Krishna Ji. He has instructed to build a temple. The queen said, “Why delay an auspicious task? The entire wealth has been given by him only. Why think in offering it to him?” The king got the temple built in that place which Shri Krishna Ji had shown on the seashore in the dream. After the temple was built, a cyclone arose and demolished the temple. Not even a trace was left that there was a temple here. Like this, the king got the temple built five times. On all five occasions, the sea demolished it.

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Q.1 Who was King Indradaman, and what was his special devotion?

King Indradaman was a ruler in Orissa state known for his exclusive devotion to God Shri Krishna Ji.

Q.2 What message did Shri Krishna convey to King Indradaman in his dream?

In the dream, Shri Krishna instructed the king to build a temple in his name, Jagannath, at a specific location on the seashore.

Q.3 What unique instruction did Shri Krishna give regarding idol-worship in the Jagannath Temple

Shri Krishna directed that idol-worship should not be performed in the Jagannath Temple. Instead, only a saint should be present to impart knowledge according to the teachings of the Holy Gita.

Q.4 How did King Indradaman's wife respond to the idea of building the Jagannath Temple?

The queen encouraged the king to proceed with the auspicious task, emphasizing that all their wealth was bestowed by God Krishna, and offering it back to Him was a noble deed.

Q.5 Where did Shri Krishna show the specific location for building the Jagannath Temple?

Shri Krishna indicated the location on the seashore where the temple had to be constructed in King Indradaman's dream.

Q.6 What unfortunate event occurred after the construction of the Jagannath Temple each time?

After the completion of the temple on five different occasions, a cyclone arose and demolished it completely, leaving no trace.

Q.7 How many times did King Indradaman attempt to build the Jagannath Temple, and what was the outcome each time?

King Indradaman attempted to build the Jagannath Temple five times. Unfortunately, on all five occasions, the temple was demolished by the sea during a cyclone.

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Varun Yadav

I have thoroughly gone through the article and noticed a discrepancy. Until now, we believed that Krishna Ji played a role in constructing the Jagannath Temple. However, the article suggests that Kabir Sahib contributed to its construction. Can you explain the mix-up in knowledge?

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we appreciate your feedback on our article. It is true that the common understanding has been that Krishna Ji was involved in building the Jagannath Temple due to a lack of spiritual knowledge. However, Suksham Ved mentions that Almighty Kabir Sahib Ji assisted in the reconstruction of the temple, which had been demolished multiple times for revenge. Our articles are backed by evidence, so we encourage you to explore further and trust the content provided by us. For additional insights, we recommend reading the book "Gyan Ganga" and listening to the spiritual discourses of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj.

Keshav Veera

The Jagannath Temple holds great spiritual significance in India, and I regularly visit it with my family. I hope that God Jagannath will grant me a place in heaven.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we appreciate your perspective on our article. It's wonderful that you find solace in visiting the Jagannath Temple with your family. However, before engaging in any spiritual practice, it is essential to ensure that it aligns with scripture. Visiting temples is not mentioned in our holy scriptures as a means to attain heaven. Our scriptures emphasize taking refuge in an enlightened saint for worldly and spiritual benefits, as this is the path to the welfare of the soul. For more information, we recommend reading the book "Gyan Ganga" and listening to the spiritual discourses of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.