Bhavishya Purana - Prophet Mohammad | Malecha मलेच्छ

Bhavishya Purana - Prophet Mohammad | Malecha मलेच्छ

The Truth about Mohammad Malecha from Bhavishya Purana by Supreme Spiritual Leader Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.

What is the meaning of Malecha?

The actual meaning of "Malecha" is: Low, Mean, Ignoble, Abject, Despicable.

Bhavishya Purana addresses Prophet Mohammad as a Malecha. Malecha is a word of Hindi / Sanskrit origin and only means "Neech" (नीच) or a base person or a barbarian. Malecha does not mean "outsider" or "foreigner".

Dr Zakir Naik is telling a lie in Similarities between Hinduism & Islam when he gives a reference to Bhavishya Purana. Dr Zakir Naik has changed the statements from Bhavishya Purana completely to fit his own agenda whereas the truth is entirely different.

The truth has been shown by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj in the video below, which proves that Zakir Naik is a manipulator who has twisted the meanings of some words and is telling false baseless stories and wrongly quoting the Vedas and Puranas.

FAQs about "Bhavishya Purana - Prophet Mohammad | Malecha मलेच्छ

Q.1 What is the significance of the term "Malecha" in the context of Bhavishya Purana?

Malecha, as mentioned in the Bhavishya Purana, refers to a person of low, mean, ignoble, or despicable character. It conveys derogatory connotations rather than merely indicating an outsider or foreigner.

Q.2 Does the term "Malecha" exclusively denote a barbarian or base person in its original meaning?

Yes, "Malecha" originates from Hindi/Sanskrit and primarily signifies someone who is base or barbaric, rather than just an outsider or foreigner.

Q.3 How does the Bhavishya Purana address Prophet Mohammad?

The Bhavishya Purana refers to Prophet Mohammad as a Malecha, emphasizing derogatory characteristics rather than acknowledging him as a revered figure.

Q.4 What is the criticism level against Dr. Zakir Naik regarding his use of the Bhavishya Purana?

Dr. Zakir Naik has misrepresented the statements from the Bhavishya Purana to suit his own agenda. Dr. Zakir Naik has distorted the meanings of certain words and also has fabricated stories, particularly in his assertions about Hindu scriptures.

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Anish Kashyap

Certainly, Dr. Zakir appears to be against Hinduism and is accused of manipulating information to promote his Muslim beliefs. It's essential to address this issue and prevent the spread of misinformation.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we appreciate your perspective on our article. Our focus is not limited to any particular religion; we expose any spiritual leaders spreading false teachings. Our goal is to guide humanity towards the correct spiritual path for the salvation of their precious human lives. Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj has revealed and exposed fake gurus, which you can watch on his YouTube channels. For a more in-depth understanding, we recommend reading the book "Gyan Ganga" and listening to spiritual discourses by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.

Javed Ahmed

I fail to understand why Zakir Naik delves into Hindu scriptures when the Quran Sharif is sufficient to understand Allah. Our Quran Sharif is superior to the Vedas.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we appreciate your input on our article. No religion should be deemed superior or inferior; the significance of scriptures lies in their divine nature, regardless of the religious affiliation. Vedas and the Holy Shrimad Bhagwat Gita Ji are God-gifted scriptures globally accepted, with proven scientific authenticity. Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj's discourses are based on the holy scriptures of all religions. We encourage you to gain true spiritual knowledge, transcending religious boundaries, by reading "Gyan Ganga," "Muslman Nahi Samjhe Gyan Quran," and listening to spiritual discourses by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj, available on various social media platforms.