Important Information for those taking Naam - Rules for Disciples

  • Rules of Worship (of God Kabir) to Attain Salvation

    What is the Purpose of Human Life The purpose of human life is to worship Supreme God Kabir and return back to our original abode, Satlok (Sachkhand, eternal place). Anyone and everyone wanting to worship Supreme God Kabir can take naam (initiation) from Spiritual Leader Jagat Guru Rampal Ji Maharaj irrespective of their cast, creed, colour, faith or religion as God created every human equal. Identity of a Complete Guru...

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  • Saint Rampal Ji - Biography

    A Brief Introduction of Saint Rampal Ji Sahib’s Life History Satguru Rampal Ji Maharaj was born on 8 September 1951 in Village Dhanana, Tehsil Gohana, District Sonipat (Haryana) in a...
  • Message to Trader of Devotion

    Sant Rampal Ji's Message to 'Trader of Devotion' जीव हमारी जाती हइ, मानव धर्म हमारा। हिंदु मुस्लिम सिख ईसाई, धर्म नहीं कोई नयारा।। Our Race is Living being, Mankind is...
  • Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj - Message to Everyone

    Introduction Since time immemorial, man is involved in the search of supreme peace, happiness and immortality. He has been trying according to his capability, but this desire of his is...
  • Biography of Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj with Salvation Story

    This article provides a detailed description of Sant Garibdas Ji Maharaj related to his life and teachings which have been unknown to date, to the devotee society. Sant Garibdas Ji...


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    All Naam Diksha Centre Numbers in India / नाम दीक्षा केंद्र Click here Location: 1. Satlok Ashram Barwala, Hisar -...