What do the Vedas say about Supreme God

Unknown Facts about Supreme God from the Vedas (Ved) - Scriptures pertaining to Hinduism, in fact the whole Humankind There are four vedas namely Rig Ved, Atharva Ved, Yajur Ved and Sam Ved and they contain supreme knowledge about God. However little is known about the hidden gems mentioned in the vedas which have now been revealed by Saint Rampal [...] Read more

Rig Ved - God is in Form

Rig Ved Mandal 1, Sukt 31, Mantra 17 परमात्मा साकार है और बह राजा के समान दर्शनीय है ! और उसका नाम कविर्देव है! वेदों में परमात्मा साकार है मनुष्य सदृश्य है और सतलोक में तेजोमय शरीर में विद्यमान है।