Without Worship there is no Respite

Without Worship there is no Respite

Bin updesh achambh hai, kyon jivat hain praan |
Bhakti bina kahan thaur hai, ye nar naahin paashaan ||

God Kabir is saying that – O innocent man! I am surprised that with which hope you are living without taking initiation from a Guru. Even your body is not yours; you will have to abandon this as well when you die. Then how can the wealth be yours?

Kabir, kaya teri hai nahin, maya kahan se hoye |
Bhakti kar dil paak se, jeevan hai din doye ||

Those who do not have this realisation that without bhakti a living being has no respite, they are not humans; they are stones. Their intellect has been subdued.

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