Dowry-Free India Campaign by Jagat Guru Rampal Ji

Dowry-Free India Campaign by Jagat Guru Rampal Ji

The greatest societal evil which has snatched peace and happiness from the lives of numerous girls and their parents is undoubtedly the self imposed curse, called dowry! It works like a termite with a never ending greed for materialistic possessions and wealth from the side of families-in-law, which hollows the lives of so many girls.

Though there exists an act called the Dowry Prohibition Act, which prohibits the give and take of dowry, but, in reality, the major chunk of population is highly indulged in taking part in this malpractice! Through the relentless efforts of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, His disciples have abandoned this custom, understanding that this is a poisonous seed that people sow for themselves.

Dowry - A Curse for Mankind

  1. Dowry is a self inflicted curse for society because it is due to this social evil, that lakhs of women are harassed! Not just this, women commit suicide or are even killed by their husbands or families-in-law. Are these the relations, the so-called intelligent people build up?
  2. Dowry stands as the sole reason for two more societal evils, female foeticide (where the sex of the foetus is found out and the foetus is aborted if it is a girl) and female infanticide (where a girl is killed after she is born). All these are acts of sheer shame and should get vanished from the minds of the human community at large.
  3. On one hand, people worship goddesses and on the other hand, the same persons pressurize and torture women for increasing their short-term materialistic wealth in the form of dowry! A society which is dominated by such malpractices can’t modernize in true sense.
  4. People have made marriage a commercial arrangement because of which, the parents of a girl child feel heavily burdened throughout their lives. On one hand, there is a heavy financial burden of dowry and on the other hand, there is a fear of their beloved daughter being harassed! Dowry causes an all bane situation and should be vanished completely.

    Kabir, ye maya atpati,
    Sab ghatt aan adi.
    Kis kis ko samjhaun,
    Ye kooen bhaang padi!

Establishment of Dowry Free India

  1. The relations of this world are formed by the theory of give and take. Therefore, for the reaching the immortal abode, Satlok, we need to minimize the indebtness towards everyone. When people demand or take dowry, they are getting indebted towards the girl and her parents, which they will have to repay along with interest, in the next birth for sure! 

    Ek lewa ek dewa dootam,
    Koi kisi ka pita na pootam.
    Rinn sambandh juda ik tha tha,
    Ant samey sab baraah baata!

  2. Those who demand dowry are falsely considering that they are becoming rich by receiving this materialistic wealth, while in reality, according to the constitution of God, people who stay dependent on other’s money, become much poorer than before! It’s high time that we realise that our stay in this world is short lived. Do not fill your life’s account with heinous sins.
  3. In this world where money seems to be the only provider of happiness, the reality lies in the fact that, the more wealth a person possesses, the more sorrowful he is! While greediness has touched its highest level as people sell their son for dowry and prepare a full-on list on the basis of his educational qualifications, wealth and status, intellect has reached a level far below what is desirable. It’s the time to actually wake up.

    Maya ka rass peey kar,
    Ho gaye daamadol.
    Aisa Satguru hum mileya,
    Gyaan yog diya khol!

Dowry-Free Marriages with the Grace of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

  1. Through the pious spiritual discourses of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, people are realizing that the need of the hour is to abandon the old tantrums which stand against humanity, such as the evil of dowry! The disciples of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj get married within a matter of 17 minutes and there is no give and take from either sides.
  2. Marriage is a pious bond which is pre-decided by God. In no case, can the destiny of children be changed because of any trouble that is caused by the so-called learned society. The disciples of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj have thrown off all the burden from their lives by saying a big NO to dowry!
  3. By listening to the divine spiritual discourses of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, people have started following a modest and serene way of living. The disciples of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj do not give or take dowry, eliminating this evil from its root! Marriage takes place in just a matter of 17 minutes, which is called “Ramaini” and it happens by receiving the blessings of Almighty God Kabir.
  4. The disciples of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj have adopted true modernization in the thinking process and do not offer or take any dowry. Not just this, inter-caste and inter-religion marriages take place, realizing the fact, that in reality, we all are the children of one God, whose name is Lord Kabir!
  5. By the divine grace of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, this world is waking up from the slumber of spiritual ignorance. Lakhs of dowry free marriages have taken place, wherein there is no orchestra or any sort of show-off! The devotees of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj do a simple marriage known as Ramaini, which happens in 17 minutes and there is complete renunciation of the dowry system.
  6. Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is an epitome of true social welfare because it is due to His tireless efforts, that girls as well as their parents will live a happy and peaceful life because He has initiated a strong revolution against the greatest evil, dowry! Lakhs of dowry free marriages have taken place as the disciples of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj have abandoned this societal malpractice from their lives.
  7. Girls will no longer be considered as a burden because a positive transformation has been brought about in the minds of people by listening to the heart mending spiritual discourses of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. Girls as well as their families will live a stress-free life because soon, the entire humankind will understand the piousness of relations and the short lived nature of these so-called possessions!

A small step taken towards the right direction in individuality, can play a great role in transforming the world as a whole! Let us realise that the prime motive of this human life is to earn the currency of true mantras by coming under the refuge of the Real Saint, who is none other than Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, which travels with the soul even after death and the immortal & ever happy abode, Satlok is attained.

In this world where the wants and desires are unending, but, the means towards achieving the same involve one kind of wrong deed or the other, let us ban this evil of dowry and make this world a happier place to live in. It is our sincere request to all of you that do listen to the pious and heart fulfilling spiritual discourses of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, which alone stands as the cure for all evils.