Correct Way of True Worship of Worshipable Kabir God

Correct Way of True Worship of Worshipable Kabir God

The whole world is misled on the way of worship be it any religion. Amidst the followers of various religions; where every single devotee claims his/her way of worship to be correct; it becomes difficult to judge what is the correct way of worship? Due to ignorance, everyone is restricted to the worship of the butcher called Brahm-Kaal who is a deceiver. He along with his wife Maya (Ashtangi/Durga) has spread the web of illusion and has confused the devotees. The sole aim of worship as practiced by masses to date; remains just confined to attaining the materialistic pleasures like the rise in their social status, gaining prosperity in health and wealth by pleasing that One-divine greeted by various names like ‘Bhagwan’, ‘Rab’, ‘Khuda’, ‘Allah’, ‘God’, ‘Ish’ without even knowing who is Bhagwan/Allah/God? How does he look like? Where does He reside? 

This write-up will be focussed in explaining the following

  • What is the meaning of worship?
  • Should Worship be done with the sole aim of curing deadly disease or achieving wealth/materialistic gains?
  • What is the aim of worship?
  • Whom should one worship? Who is worshipable God?
  • What is the correct way of worship?

What is the Meaning of Worship?

Worship is the expression of reverence for a particular deity. Worship means surrendering oneself to the divine by establishing a deeper connection to earn God’s grace. Worship is to honor and thank the Almighty for his blessings which He has showered upon us in the form of nature, our beloved family members and all near and dear ones, the food and water He has provided and much much.

Should Worship be done with the sole aim of curing deadly disease or achieving wealth/materialistic gains?

Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Adhyay 7 Mantra 20-23- Brahm-Kaal tells warrior Arjun that ‘Whose wisdom has been stolen to achieve material desires due to ignorance; only those foolish people worship demigods who cannot provide them fruitful gains since their worship does not provide them complete salvation’. 

For details read foolish worship Brahma, Vishnu, & Shiv 

Hence, the worship should not be done with the sole aim of curing deadly disease or achieving materialistic gains. So what is the aim of worship?

What is the Aim of Worship?

The sole aim of human birth is not to gain materialistic pleasures but to do true worship; have the right connection with the divine by following the correct way of worship through the Real Saint to achieve the ultimate objective of human birth ie. attaining salvation and getting rid of the vicious cycle of birth and rebirth. 

Then the crucial question for the devotee society is that ‘whom should one worship’?

Whom Should One Worship?

Some people worship Shri Krishan and Ramchandra Ji who are the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, some worship Goddess Durga, others worship Lord Shiva, some people worship deities like Ganesha, Hanuman and so on. Then there are other religions like Christianity who worship Jesus or Mother Mary and call ‘God is formless’. Religions like Islam worship an invisible God ‘Allahu Akbar’ they call Allah is ‘Bechoon’ (formless). The Jains worship ‘Tirthankaras’ considering them to be supreme power. The fact is that the worship of Brahma, Vishnu (Krishan, Ram), Shiva, Durga, Hanuman, Ganesha, and all other deities is not in accordance with the Holy Scriptures i.e. Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, Vedas, Quran and Bible. 

Henceforth, this worship is arbitrary and not of any use i.e it is not going to grant a devotee Moksha / liberation.

Who is Worshipable God?

According to the Scriptures; Supreme God is Kabir. So for worship to be successful, one needs to worship Almighty Kabir about whom Shrimad Bhagavad Gita provides evidence, Vedas dictate, Quran Sharif certifies also holy Bible and Shri Guru Granth Sahib. 

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Last but not the least; after reading this article the devotees should Judge themselves

  • Is their way of worship in accordance with the injunctions of holy scriptures?
  • If not, then without giving a second thought; it is suggested to kindly abandon the arbitrary practice. Stop worshipping demigods. 
  • Adopt the correct way of worship by taking refuge in the Real Saint, and get spiritual benefits from true worship.

By doing the correct worship one can attain salvation, attain God. Moving ahead we will clarify what is the correct way of worship.

What is the Correct Way of Worship?

Keeping in view that every devotee has expectations from the worship they do; it becomes important to understand; How to decide what is the correct way of worship which provides benefits to the seekers? 

Evidence from holy scriptures proves that the enlightened saint whose identity has been explained in Gita Adhyay 15 Mantra 1-4 provides true worship; practicing which the soul gets liberated from the trap of the devil; Brahm-Kaal. That ‘Tatvadrashta’ provides worship three times a day as has been mentioned in Yajurveda Adhyay 19 Mantra 26. By following the directions prescribed by that true spiritual master such as the prohibition of consumption of intoxicants (Yajurveda Adhyay 19 Mantra 30) and abandoning arbitrary worship etc. and by remaining in rules of true worship the devotee gains all benefits in present life as well as attains the eternal peace after leaving this perishable human cover. Monetary and social benefits and the like are by-products of true worship; they need not be demanded.

So, the correct way of worship is to take refuge of Tatvadarshi (enlightened) saint and chant true salvation mantras mentioned in Gita Adhyay 17 Mantra 23, Yajurveda Adhyay 19 Mantra 25 and Quran Sharif Surah Shura 42 Aayat 1 till the last breath by remaining in the rules of worship as directed.


Sant Rampal Ji is the Tatvadarshi Sant on earth to date; who is providing scriptures based worship. There are four sequential fundamental conditions which have to be fulfilled to worship to attain spiritual benefits.

  1. Understand the knowledge given by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj.
  2. Develop full faith in the fact that, Lord Kabir is Supreme God.
  3. Take initiation from Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and do worship as ordained by Sant Rampal Ji.
  4. Follow the rules laid down by Sant Rampal Ji very strictly.

If the above mentioned four points are followed then only a devotee derives all the benefits. 

Take note of the sacred speech

Almighty Kabir wakes-up his dear souls and inspires them to identify God and do true worship.

Aaja bande sharan Ram ki, Fir peeche pachtayega
Dia lia tere sang chlega, Dhara dhaka reh jayega. 
Aa yamm tere ghatt ne ghere, Tu Ram kehan na paavega 

आजा बंदे शरण राम की , फिर पीछे पछतायेगा  |
दिया लिया तेरे संग चलेगा, धरा ढका रह जाएगा | 
आ यम तेरे घट ने घेरे, तू राम कहां ना पावेगा ||