There is No mention of Prophet Muhammad in Vedas

Is Mohammad (Muhammad) mentioned in the Vedas?

Zakir Naik claims that the Vedas talk about Prophet Muhammad. Zakir Naik is lying.

FACT: There is no mention of Prophet Muhammad in the Vedas. This word "Muhammad" or "Mohammad" is not mentioned in the Vedas. 

In Atharva Ved, Kand 20, Sukt 127, Verse 1,2, there is a word called "Narshansa". Further it says that, that Narshansa will ride a chariot which will be drawn by male and female camels. Now everyone knows that in a desert, only camels are ridden. Chariots are not drawn in deserts. So it proves that this account is not for Prophet Muhammad. Moreover the word "Muhammad" itself does not appear in the Ved verses. Zakir Naik is just lying.