Historical Significance Meets Divine Awakening: Kabir Saheb - The Supreme Almighty's Legacy

Historical Significance Meets Divine Awakening: Kabir Saheb - The Supreme Almighty's Legacy

Everyone in this world is well aware of Sant Kabir: The Great Indian Mystical Poet.

According to the documented history, Kabir was "born" in 1398. Kabir Saheb is well known for His open criticism of all the ways of worship and rituals as opposed to the holy scriptures. He propagated the worship of one Supreme Almighty and that we all are children of one Supreme God.

Until now, we all have thought of Him as a sage but all the holy scriptures speak otherwise. Numerous pieces of evidence in holy scriptures prove "Kabir Saheb is the Supreme Almighty". Nope, you didn't read it wrong… in reality Kabir Saheb is the Supreme Almighty.

To know more look for evidences in the Article which support this claim. There is not one but too many proofs that validate this statement. Plus, there are plenty of places which serve as testimony to the above fact. Let's dive in and take a look at these proofs.

Kabir Saheb's Life History

Kabir Saheb lived on Earth for 120 years, from 1398 to 1518 AD. Some researchers believe He was born to a Brahmin Widow who abandoned Him near LaharTara pond in Kashi. But this is completely baseless as there's no account of who this Brahmin Widow was and why she abandoned Him. The truth is that Kabir Saheb descended onto Earth in the form of an infant. A childless couple named Neeru and Neema found Him on a lotus flower in the LaharTara pond. Swami Ashtanand Ji, a disciple of Swami Ramanand Ji, witnessed this divine spectacle. Kabir Saheb also mentions in His couplets that He descends to Earth in every Yuga.

Satyug mein Satsukrit ka chera, Treta naam Munindar Mera,
Dwaapar mein Karunamay kahaya, Kalyug naam Kabir dharaya.

Kabir Saheb was known for openly criticizing the religious beliefs and practices of both the Hindu and Muslim communities during His life on Earth.

Evidence that Kabir Saheb is the Supreme Almighty:

Take a look at this evidence from the holy scriptures of all religions


  1. Atharvaveda Kand no. 4 Anuvaak no. 1 mantra no. 1 - 7
  2. Rig Veda, Mandal 9, Sukt 96, Mantra 18
  3. Rig Veda, Mandal 10, Sukt 161, Mantra 2
  4. Yajurved Adhyay 5, Mantra 1
  5. Yajurved Adhyay 5, Mantra 15
  6. Yajurved Adhyay 5, Mantra 32

Shri Guru Granth Sahib

  1. Raag Siri Mehla 1
  2. Raag Tilang, page 721, Mehla 1
  3. Raag Ramkali, Mehla 1

Quran Sharif

  1. Surat Al Furquan 25: 52-59
  2. Fazaile Zikr also mentions Kabir

Holy Bible

Iyov 36:5 Orthodox Jewish Bible also mentions Kabir as the Supreme Almighty.

  • So, now after having a look at these pieces of evidence it is clear that Kabir Saheb is indeed the Supreme Almighty.

Places That Still Stand as Proofs of His Divinity

This article discusses some of the locations that provide evidence of Kabir Saheb's life, including Kabir Vat in Bharuch, Kabir Saheb's Memorial in Maghar Uttar Pradesh, Kabir Chabutra in Jagannath Temple, and Kabir Kota in Dwarkapuri. Specifically, we will focus on Kabir Chabutra and Kabir Kotha.

Kabir Chabutra in the Jagannath Temple

King Indarman of Puri dreamt of Shri Krishna instructing him to build a temple. With boundless joy, he began construction, only to witness the sea demolish it five times. Undeterred, his emotional resilience fueled his determination. The temple rose again and again, each time crushed by the relentless sea. Yet, the king persisted, his unwavering faith defying nature's wrath.

On a fateful day, Kabir Saheb, donning the garb of a sage, approached King Indarman. Overwhelmed with hope, the king shared the tale of the temple's repeated destruction by the merciless sea and his despair over depleted royal coffers. In a moment of divine grace, the Sage assured him that He could quell the sea's fury. Leaving His address behind, the Sage departed, kindling a flicker of anticipation within the king's heart.

Plagued by empty royal coffers, King Indarman found himself in despair, unable to embark on the sixth attempt to construct the temple. In his darkest hour, a celestial presence emerged once more. Lord Krishna appeared in the king's dream, urging him to seek aid from the sage of unparalleled power. Overwhelmed by love and gratitude, the king's wife selflessly offered her cherished jewellery to fund the construction. With newfound hope, King Indarman sought the sage's assistance. The sage imparted wisdom, guiding the king to create a small platform, where He Himself would sit, commanding the sea to halt its destructive rampage.

Once the temple was completed, the sea rose by 40 feet and waves rushed towards it, looming like a mountain of water. Kabir Saheb, in the guise of a sage, was seated on the platform and raised His hand to bless the sea. To everyone's amazement, the sea transformed into a god and demanded that Kabir Saheb step aside for it to destroy the temple.

Kabir Saheb questioned the sea. The sea God told Him that it sought to destroy the temple because Shri Krishna, in his previous incarnation as Lord Rama, had attempted to burn the sea with his arrow when it refused to yield a path to find Sita.

Kabir Saheb reasoned with the sea god, pointing out that it had already exacted its revenge by drowning Dwarika. The sea god admitted that it had failed to submerge the city entirely due to the presence of an enlightened sage, and now it aimed to destroy the newly-built temple.

Kabir Saheb reminded the sea god that He was the one who had prevented it from destroying Dwarika and that He was here now to protect the temple. He urged the sea to drown the remnants of Dwarika and spare the temple, which was built in the name of Shri Krishna.

After the conversation, the sea swallowed the remnants of Dwarika and, on Kabir Saheb's instructions, receded by 1.5 kilometres from the temple.

The platform upon which Kabir Saheb sat, His divine presence holding back the sea, came to be known as Kabir Saheb ka Chabutra. It stands to this day, as an eternal witness to the immense power of compassion and divine intervention.

Now let's take a look at the Dwarika incident.

Kabir Kotha in Dwarka

Tragedy befell when a hunter's venomous arrow took the life of Shri Krishna, leaving the Pandavas grief-stricken. They tenderly laid him to rest on the outskirts of Dwarka. Today, on that very hallowed ground, a magnificent Dwarkadhish temple stands tall. In 1448, Kabir Saheb arrived, sitting upon a mound of sand, questioning pilgrims about their purpose in visiting Dwarka. Emotions flowed as they confessed their longing to witness Dwarka's glory and the divine presence of their beloved Shri Krishna.

Once, there lived a highly skilled doctor, whose medicine healed countless souls. After his demise, people mourned and buried him, erecting a temple in his honour, adorned with his statue. Yet, if one were to seek healing from that lifeless figure, what would become of their hopes? In sorrowful wisdom, they realized statues cannot restore life. To find solace and survival, they would have to seek another doctor, accepting the painful truth that only the living doctor can truly mend their aching hearts.

In the presence of Kabir Saheb, a profound question echoed through the hearts of pilgrims: Why seek blessings from a statue when it cannot perform the miracles that Shri Krishna once did? The futility of visiting Dwarka became apparent, and those who grasped this wisdom sought initiation from Kabir Saheb.

His divine sermons resonated from a sacred platform known as "Kabir Saheb Kotha," where He sat and imparted His teachings. An extraordinary belief emerged: Even amidst tumultuous high tides, the sea waves dare not approach this hallowed ground. This miraculous sanctuary stands beside the Dwarkadhish temple, a testament to the transformative power of Kabir Saheb's wisdom.

Can we get the sermons delivered by Kabir Saheb today?

Yes, indeed! Surprisingly, the answer to the question is a resounding "Yes." Today, the revered soul of Kabir Saheb resides within the divine form of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, who tirelessly imparts the same profound spiritual wisdom to seekers. He stands as the sole enlightened Saint in this troubled world. Don't let precious moments slip away! Embrace His sermons, for they touch the depths of your being, awakening for true spiritual enlightenment. Your human life, priceless and fleeting, should not be squandered in the pursuit of material wealth, which fades upon death. Instead, accumulate the invaluable riches of spirituality that shall accompany you beyond this transient existence.

Kabir Saheb says:

Maanav janam durlabh hai mile na baaram baar
Jaise taruvar se patta Tut gire wo bahur na lagta daar

To take initiation from Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj please click here to fill out the initiation form.


FAQs about "Historical Significance Meets Divine Awakening: Kabir Saheb"

Q.1 Who is Kabir Saheb?

Kabir Saheb, till now regarded as a prominent Indian Mystical Poet born in 1398, was known for openly criticizing various worship practices and advocating the worship of one Supreme Almighty. However, further research exposed that Kabir Saheb Himself was the Almighty God who descended on Earth to impart genuine spiritual knowledge and the proper way of worship to devotees, displaying characteristics of the Almighty as mentioned in the Holy Vedas.

Q.2 What is the evidence that Kabir Saheb is the Supreme Almighty?

Evidence from various holy scriptures, including Vedas, Shri Guru Granth Sahib, Quran Sharif, and Holy Bible, aligns with the assertion that Kabir Saheb is the Supreme Almighty. He exhibited all the characteristics described in these scriptures for a Supreme God.

Q. 3 How was Kabir Saheb born?

Like everyone, Kabir Saheb was not born from mother's womb, He was Almighty God who descended onto Earth in the form of an infant and was found by a childless couple named Neeru and Neema on a lotus flower in the LaharTara pond. He lived on Earth for 120 years, from 1398 to 1518 AD.

Q.4 Are there specific places that serve as proofs of Kabir Saheb's divinity?

Yes, locations like Kabir Vat in Bharuch, Kabir Saheb's Memorial in Maghar, Uttar Pradesh, Kabir Chabutra in the Jagannath Temple, and Kabir Kota in Dwarkapuri are cited as evidence of Kabir Saheb's life.

Q.5 What happened at Kabir Chabutra in the Jagannath Temple?

Kabir Saheb, disguised as a sage, intervened to prevent the sea from destroying a temple built by King Indradaman. The sea, assuming a godly form, demanded Kabir Saheb to step aside, but He reasoned with the sea god, thus safeguarding the temple, later known as Kabir Chabutra.

Q.6 Can we access the sermons delivered by Kabir Saheb today?

Yes, the sermons delivered by Kabir Saheb are accessible at present through the divine form of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, who is the embodiment of Kabir Saheb's teachings and complete Saint of Almighty God Kabir Ji at present.

Q.7 What is the crucial message conveyed by Kabir Saheb in His couplets?

Kabir Saheb stresses the rarity of human life, urging seekers to embrace spiritual enlightenment and dedicate their lives to the worship of the Almighty God, who grants Salvation. In one couplet, He expresses, "Maanav janam durlabh hai, mile na baaram baar| Jaise taruvar se patta Tut gire, wo bahur na lagta daar||"

Q.8 How old was Kabir Saheb when he died?

In every Yuga, including Kaliyuga, Kabir Saheb descends to Earth. In Kaliyuga, found by a childless couple on a lotus flower in the LaharTara pond, He stayed for 120 years, departing from Earth by leaving flowers in place of His body. The Kabir Samadhi at Maghar substantiates this event.

Q.9 What religion did Kabir Ji follow?

Almighty God Kabir Ji did not adhere to any particular religious denomination. Instead, He advocated for the sole religion of humanity and emphasized the worship of the one Almighty God mentioned in the holy scriptures of all religions. His teachings revolved around transcending religious boundaries and embracing the universal principles of humaneness and devotion to the Supreme Being recognized across various faiths.


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Jagannath Puri holds a significant place among the spiritually revered sites in India, often associated with Shri Krishna Ji, believed to be the Almighty God and the creator of everything. It is also known that Kabir Saheb was a devotee of Shri Krishna Ji and always held Shri Ram in deep reverence. However, the story mentioned in the article appears unfamiliar to me and seems like a fabrication.

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