Kabir Prakat Diwas 2024: Date, Celebration, Events, History


Kabir Prakat Diwas is the day God Kabir Ji descended on this mortal world in a Lahartara lake on a lotus flower in Kashi, Uttar Pradesh, India. His foster parents Neeru-Neema took Him home from there. Due to the prevailing ignorance, God Kabir Ji is considered a weaver, poet or Saint at the most. Holy Vedas sing the Glory of God Kabir Ji. Holy Rigveda Mandal 9, Sukt 94, Mantra 1 and Mandal 9 Sukt 96 Mantra 17 to 20 Proves that the Supreme God descends on this earth to preach His Real Spiritual Knowledge in the form of poetry.

हिन्दी ગુજરાતી বাংলা ಕನ್ನಡ मराठी অসমীয়া

Read this Write-Up to know the real Story of God Kabir Ji’s appearance and His stay on earth, mainly in Kashi nearly 600 years ago. 

  • Kabir Prakat Diwas 2024 Date

  • Why is Kabir Prakat Diwas Observed?

  • God Kabir Sahib Ji's Stay in Kashi: Brief Biography

  • God Kabir Sahib Ji's Stay in Kashi: Brief Biography

  • Neeru and Neema Finding God Kabir Ji in Child’s Form

  • God Kabir Ji Was Nurtured by a Maiden Cow

  • God Kabir Ji Acquiring Guru

  • Other Miracles of God Kabir Ji

  • Struggle God Kabir Ji Went Through

  • God Kabir Ji Did Not Die

  • Other Sects Also Celebrate Kabir Prakat Diwas

  • How is Kabir Prakat Diwas Celebrated?

  • Why do We Celebrate Kabir Prakat Diwas  Every Year?

  • God Kabir Ji’s Worship Cures Cancer and Other Sufferings

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Kabir Prakat Diwas 2024 Date

In the year 2024, the 627th Kabir Prakat Diwas, a significant event in the Hindu calendar, is set to take place on the full moon day of the Hindu month Jyeshta , falling on June 22nd. This day holds great importance in India, commemorating the manifestation of God Kabir Ji. In celebration of this auspicious occasion, a three-day path, spiritual gathering, is scheduled to be held from the 20th to the 22nd of June 2024. Devotees and followers from far and wide are expected to participate in this event to seek blessings of Almighty God Kabir Ji.


List of Satlok Ashrams around the World

  1. Satlok Ashram Kurukshetra, Haryana, India. 
  2. Satlok Ashram Bhiwani, Haryana, India. 
  3. Satlok Ashram Mundka, Delhi, India. 
  4. Satlok Ashram Shamli, Uttar Pradesh, India. 
  5. Satlok Ashram Khamano, Punjab, India. 
  6. Satlok Ashram Dhuri, Punjab, India. 
  7. Satlok Ashram Sojat, Rajasthan, India.
  8. Satlok Ashram Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India. 
  9. Satlok Ashram Betul, Madhya Pradesh, India. 
  10. Satlok Ashram Dhanana, Haryana, India
  11. Satlok Ashram Dhanusha, Nepal

Why is Kabir Prakat Diwas Observed?

Kabir Sahib Prakat Diwas is observed to celebrate the Prakatya (appearance) of God Kabir nearly 600 years ago in Kashi, Uttar Pradesh in India. That Supreme God Kabir, who is the Father of all souls and the Lord of all the realms, including the eternal abode Satlok, came on this mortal world with the aim of enlightening His Beloved souls about the true way of worship to attain Himself, the real Eternity, and the Supreme Happiness in Satlok.

He stayed like a poor weaver here so to set an example for us that a God-desirous devotee needs to abstain from accumulating wealth. He didn't take birth. He didn't die. He performed a number of miracles throughout His 120 years long stay here that shows that He was none other but the Supreme God Kabir only.         

God Kabir Sahib Ji's Stay in Kashi: Brief Biography

On the full moon day of the Hindu month Jyeshta Shuddhi in 1398 A.D. (Vikrami Samvat 1455), God Kabir appeared in the form of a newborn child (infant) on a lotus flower in Lahartara Lake in Brahma Muhurta (one and a half hours before the sunrise). Rishi (Sage) Ashtananad Ji was performing spiritual practice near the lake after taking a bath at that time. That day, he saw a ball of very bright light coming from above. His eyes could not bear the brightness and got closed. When he closed his eyes, he saw the shape of an infant; just as we see the shape of a ball when we accidentally look towards the sun and close our eyes. When he again opened his eyes, he saw that the light got contained in a corner of Lahartara lake.

He went to his Guru Swami Ramanand Ji to ask if it was any achievement of his worship or any deception. Swami Ramanand Ji said that it was neither his spiritual achievement nor his deception. He said, “Such activities happen when an incarnation from above descends. That incarnation will get into the womb of a mother and take birth.” Because Swami Ramanand Ji had only this much knowledge since their gods also take birth from a mother only.

Neeru and Neema Finding God Kabir Ji in Child’s Form

A childless couple Neeru-Neema used to go to Lahartara lake in Brahma Muhurta for bathing. Neeru and Neema were Hindu Brahmins Gaurishankar and Saraswati in that same birth. They were forcefully converted into Muslims. So, they started weaving clothes, i.e., became weaver/Julaha (Dhaanak) to make the ends meet.

That day, Neema on the way was crying and praying to her Lord Shiva to give a child to them as well. Because even though they were converted into Muslims, they still had an inclination towards Lord Shiv, whom they were worshipping for so many years. Neeru was consoling Neema, “Neema, if there was any child in our destiny, Lord Shiv would have definitely given us. Now, we do not have any children in our destiny. You would rather ruin your eyes by crying like this. We do not have anyone to look after us in our old age. You do not cry.”

Conversing like this, they reached Lahartara lake. First, Neema took the bath. Then, she went back to the lake to wash the previous clothes she wore while bathing. Then, Neeru entered the lake. Neema saw something moving. God Kabir Ji playing the divine act in the child’s form had one toe in His mouth and was moving the other leg in the air. She got frightened that it might be a snake and might stung her husband. When she saw carefully, she saw a child on a lotus flower. She screamed, “Watch out! The child would drown. The child would drown.”

Neeru thought that she got mad that she started seeing children in water. Neeru said, “Neema, I tell you not to think too much about the children. Now, you also see children in the water.” Neema said, “Yes, really. Look there. The child would drown.” Seeing a sharp tone in her voice, he looked where Neema was pointing. He saw a child there. Neeru picked God Kabir Ji in the child’s form along with the lotus flower and gave Him to Neema. Neeru, then, again went inside for bathing.

He thought (because a human is more concerned about society), “If we take this child home, the people would ask from where we brought this child. If we said that we found Him on a lotus flower, none would believe us. They would say that we stole someone’s child and His mother would be crying. They would complain to the King and get us punished. We have no support from Hindus. And, we have not yet made any connection with Muslims.” Neeru after taking a bath came out. Neema, like a mother, was sometimes kissing God Kabir Ji in the child’s form on His face, sometimes cuddling Him, sometimes thanking her Lord Shiva for fulfilling her years-long wish, and repeatedly looking at His beautiful face.

God Kabir, by chanting Whose Name only, there happens a special movement in our soul. To attain Whom, sages and Maharishis decayed their bodies by performing Tap for thousands of years. That God had come in the lap of mother Neema in the child’s form. What happiness she might be experiencing cannot be described.

Neeru said to Neema, “Neema you may put this child here only. This will be good for us.” Neema said, “Don’t know what spell this child has casted on me. I cannot leave Him; I can die.” Neeru explained his thoughts to her that they might get expelled from the city and the child could also be snatched. Neema said, “I will even accept an exile for this child.”

Neeru thought, “She got very stubborn. She isn’t obeying me. I have always given her love like a father because we did not have any child, and if I had said anything to her, her soul would have hurt. Thinking this, I always tried to fulfill her wish. That’s why she has become stubborn now and is not obeying me.”

That Gentleman raised his hand to slap Neema for the first time in his life. His eyes filled with tears. He said in love as well as anger, “You are not obeying me. You do not see the situation. Leave this child here only. Else, I will slap you now.”

Just then, God Kabir Ji in an infant form said, “Neeru, take Me home. No one would say anything. I have come here for you only.” Neeru became frightened seeing a one-day old child speaking. Without a word, Neeru moved on. Neema followed loving God Kabir Ji like a child.

On reaching the city, people asked where they found the child. Neeru said that they found Him on a lotus flower. People listened to it. Some believed; others didn’t. But, they did not pay much heed to it. People came to see the exceptionally beautiful child. Women of the Kashi city came singing the Raag sung when a child was born.       

Seeing the beauty of God Kabir Ji in the child’s form, the whole city was surprised. Even the king visited to see the beautiful child. Even the gods above were seeing the beauty of God Kabir Ji in the child’s form. Everyone was making their guesses that that could be the soul of deity, ghost, or kinnar, to which Neema used to get offended, “You would cast an evil eye on my son.”

The people were saying that the child seemed to be a Deity. The Deities in heaven were saying that the child seemed to be an incarnation of Brahma, Vishnu, or Shiva. Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva above were saying that the child must be the manifestation of PaarBrahm (The Supreme God). 

God Kabir Ji Was Nurtured by a Maiden Cow

God Kabir Ji turned 25-day-old in His divine spectacle's body. He had eaten or drunk nothing. And, His Body was growing as if the child drinks one Kilogram milk twice in a day. Neema got worried that this child might die. She thought, “I will also die with Him.” She was crying badly remembering her god Shankar Ji, “Oh Lord Shankar Ji, you shouldn’t have not given Him to us. Now, you are taking the child after giving Him.” God Kabir Ji thought, “I will not die. But this old woman will certainly die in this tension.”

God Kabir Ji inspired Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva saw who was remembering him. Lord Shankar came in the form of a sage. He asked Neema why she was crying. Neema told him that the child was not eating or drinking anything. “He would die, and I will die along with Him.” Lord Shiva asked Neema where her son was. Neema thought to put God Kabir Ji in the feet of Lord Shiva. When she was putting Him, He rose to the head level of Lord Shiva floating in the air.

Neema thought the Saint had done that. Lord Shiva and God Kabir Ji talked seven times. God Kabir Ji said to Lord Shiva, “Ask Neeru-Neema to bring a maiden cow. You may pat her on her back. She will give milk.” Lord Shanker told Neema, “Your child is not going to die, mother. He has a very long age. There is no end to His Glory. Blessed are you. Blessed is this city where such a great soul arrived.”

Neema thought that the saint was only consoling her. Lord Shiva, then, said, "You may bring a maiden cow and new utensil." Neeru did the same. The new utensil was put under the udders. Lord Shiva patted the back of the cow. It started flowing a stream of milk from the udders. The milk stopped after getting the utensil filled in completely. God Kabir Ji drank that milk. 


Neema thanked the Saint. She thought the Saint did that all. She expressed her helplessness to pay him any Dakshina (donation). Lord Shiva said, “I am not among those who wander asking for money. I came here because I saw you in grief.” Saying this, Lord Shiva departed. After that, the maiden cow started giving milk everyday. God Kabir Ji would drink that milk. In this way, the divine act of the nurturing of God Kabir Ji was done.
Holy Rigveda Mandal 9 Sukt 1 Mantra 9 says that the divine act of the nurturing of Supreme God is done by the milk of a maiden cow. Only God Kabir Ji fits this identity of the Supreme God.  

At the age of 5 only in His Leelamay body (the Body to play Divine Acts with), God Kabir Ji started having spiritual discussions with well-known saints and sages there. No saint or sage could ever answer His Spiritual Knowledge.

God Kabir Ji Acquiring Guru

To acquire a Guru, once God Kabir Ji acquired the form of a 2.5 years old child in Brahma-Muhurta and laid down on the steps (Pauri) of Ganga Ghat. Swami Ramanand Ji used to go to Ganga Ghat to take a bath in Brahma-Muhurta. Swami Ramanand Ji’s footwear hit Kabir Sahib Ji on His head. God Kabir Sahib Ji, playing His divine act, started crying like a child. Swami Ramanand Ji bowed down suddenly. His Tulsi Mala of one bead (that was an identity of a Vaishnav Saints) fell into the neck of God Kabir Ji. Swami Ramanand Ji held God Kabir Ji in child form, put his hand on His Head, and said, “Son, say ‘Ram Ram’. The sorrows are dispelled by Ram’s Name.” God Kabir Ji stopped crying. Swami Ramanand Ji, putting God Kabir Ji in child form back on the Pauri went to take a bath, thinking, “This child might have reached here by mistake. We will take him to our Ashram. To whoever he belongs, they will take him.” God Kabir Ji disappeared from there and reached His hut.

Then, God Kabir Ji once questioned Vivekanand Ji, a disciple of Swami Ramanand Ji, in front of the listeners whom he was narrating Vishnu Purana about who is the Supreme God. Vivekanand Ji had no answer. So, to save his honor in front of the listeners, he started rebuking God Kabir Ji in a child's form asking His caste and who His Guru was. The listeners present there told that Kabir Ji was Julaha/Dhaanak of lower caste, who was found in the forest. God Kabir Ji said, “My Guru is the same as yours. I have taken initiation from Swami Ramanand Ji.” Vivekanand Ji laughed, “Look people! He was lying! Swami Ramanand Ji does not even have the audience of your lower caste people. I will tell Swami Ramanand Ji. And, then, you all also come tomorrow to see how Swami Ramanand Ji will punish this child.”

Vivekanand Ji told Swami Ramanand Ji. Swami Ramanand Ji also got angry and asked to bring the child. The next day in the morning God Kabir Ji was brought. Swami Ramanand Ji had hung a curtain in front of his hut to show that he did not use to even have the audience of lower caste people, let alone giving initiation to them. Swami Ramanand Ji beside the curtain in great anger asked God Kabir Ji who He was. God Kabir Ji said, “Oh Swami Ji, I am the Creator. This whole world relies on Me. I reside above in the Eternal Abode Satlok.”


Swami Ramanand Ji got offended. He rebuked Him further and asked Him some more questions to which God Kabir Ji, acting like an ideal Disciple, calmly and humbly replied. Then, Ramanand Ji thought that it would take quite a long time to deal with the child so he might, first, do his daily religious practice.

Swami Ramanand Ji, sitting in a meditative state, used to imagine that he had himself brought the water from Ganga, bathed the idol of god Vishnu, changed its clothes, put Mala (garland), and finally put the crown on the head of the idol as is done in Karma Kanda. That day, Swami Ramanand forgot to put the garland around the neck of the idol. He tried to put the Mala (garland) from the crown but the Mala stuck. Swami Ramanand Ji got upset, “In my entire life till today I had never committed such a mistake. Oh God! What wrong did I do today that this happened?” Just then, God Kabir Ji said, “Swami Ji! Open the knot of the Mala. You would not have to take off the crown.”

Ramanand Ji thought, “I was only imagining. There is no idol here. A curtain is also in between. And, this child knew what I was practising mentally.” What knot he would open! He even threw the curtain off and embraced God Kabir Ji in the child’s form of the Julaha caste. He understood that He was God.

Then, God Kabir Ji in the form of a 5 year old child took 104 years old Mahatma Swami Ramanand Ji to His Shelter. He showed him Satlok, told His real spiritual knowledge, and gave initiation to Ramanand Ji. God Kabir Ji asked Ramanand Ji to remain His Guru in the worldly view else the coming generation would say that there was no need to acquire a Guru because Kabir Ji also did not have any Guru. Swami Ramanand Ji requested Him that he could not do that as he knew that it is a sin to become a Guru of God. God Kabir Ji said, “You follow it considering it My Orders.”

Other Miracles of God Kabir Ji

  • On the complaint of the Hindu and Muslim religious leaders, Sikandar Lodhi cut a pregnant cow from the middle and asked God Kabir Ji to restore it to life if He was Allah. Else, he would decapitate Him. God Kabir Ji patted the back of the cow and her calf. Both got resurrected. God Kabir Ji filled a bucket full of milk from that cow. Sikandar Lodhi did Dandwat Pranaam (prostrated) and sent God Kabir Ji home making Him sit in a Palaki.
  • Sikandar Lodhi developed an incurable disease in which his whole body used to hurt like it got burned. He took treatments from many doctors and got many religious rituals performed. But, nothing worked. Then, someone told him about God Kabir Ji. He went to God Kabir Ji. God Kabir Ji cured him.
  • Sikandar Lodhi, once, killed Swami Ramanand Ji. God Kabir Ji brought Swami Ramanand Ji back to life in front of him. Then, Sikandar Lodhi took God Kabir Ji’s Shelter.    
  • Sikandar Lodhi’s Muslim Pir Shekh Taqi got jealous of God Kabir Ji. He said to Sikandar Lodhi, “I will consider Him Allah only when He revives a dead in front of me.” Sikandar requested this to God Kabir Ji. The next day in the morning, they saw a dead body of a 12-13 years old boy floating in the river. Kabir Ji asked Sheikh Taqi to try first. Sheikh Taqi tried but failed. Then, God Kabir Ji resurrected the child. Everyone present there said, “Kamaal (miracle) kar diya! Kamaal kar diya!” The boy was named Kamaal. God Kabir Ji kept him with Himself as His son.
  • Then, Sheikh Taqi, again, said, “I will consider Him Allah only after He resurrects my dead girl, who is buried in the grave. That boy might not have died.” The date was fixed. On the specified date, many people came to see the miracle. God Kabir Ji resurrected that girl. Everyone said, “Kamaal kar diya! Kamal kar diya!” The girl was named Kamaali. She refused to go with Sheikh Taqi, saying, “I was gone from his side. Now I will live with my real Father.” She did satsang for one and a half hours telling people that He is Allahu Akbar only. She told her father, “Sheikh Taqi, you don't ruin your Karmas. Recognize Him. He is the Supreme God.” Thousands of people took God Kabir Ji’s shelter.  In this way, God Kabir Ji had one son and one daughter. God Kabir Ji did not marry. 
  • God kabir Ji went to His disciples Samman (father), Seu (son) and, Neki (mother) in Delhi once along with Kamaal and Sheik Farid (one of His disciples). The family was very poor. They had no food that day. They planned to steal 3 Ser flour (1 Ser= 1 Kg approx.) from a nearby shop in the night. Seu went in and gave the flour to his father Samman. Meanwhile, the shop-owner woke from sleep. He caught Seu by foot. Samman gave the flour to his wife Neki. Neki told him to decapitate Seu, else the shop-owner would get Gurudev punished. Samman did the same. In the morning, when they served the food to God Kabir Ji and other guests. God Kabir Ji called Seu. Seu came and sat their to have food. Samman and Neki were surprised to see that Seu did not even have any cut marks on his neck. After this, Samman became very rich in that locality.    

During His 120-year-long stay in Kashi, God Kabir Ji cured incurable diseases of millions of people along with the other problems. He used to appear in hundreds of places in a day apart from Kashi to deliver His Spiritual Sermons to His beloved souls. Since there was no means of telecommunication then, people would not know. 


At that time, there could be hardly forty million populations in entire India. India also comprised of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Balochistan, Iraq, and Iran at that time. The untouchability was also at its peak. At that time, a Dhaanak/Julaha (weaver) had 6.4 million devotees throughout India. This shows that He could not be a normal saint. He was God Himself. And, we could not recognize Him.

Struggle God Kabir Ji Went Through

God Kabir Ji used to tell spiritual Knowledge based on our Holy Books, “Both Hindus and Muslims are not practicing the right way of Worship. Geeta doesn’t favour worshipping Demigods, nor Hazrat Mohammad ever ate meat. These ignorant religious leaders are misleading you.” But, we were illiterate.

At that time, only Brahmins were allowed to get educated. The fake religious leaders used to mislead the public by saying, “Kabir Ji is illiterate. He cannot have the knowledge of Holy Books because He did not read them. He is a liar.” Being misled by them, we became enemies of God Kabir Ji. The people at the time developed hatred towards even the Name of God Kabir Ji because of the fake religious leaders.

Not understanding His spiritual Knowledge, people would pelt stones on God Kabir Ji. The Hindu religious leaders would mislead Hindus by saying, “He criticizes our religion. He criticizes our trinity.” The Muslim religious leaders would say, “He criticizes our religion. He calls Himself Allah.” They and the misled public would keep giving troubles to God Kabir Ji in every possible way. Sheikh Taqi was the head of all the Muslims in India at that time. He tried 52 times to kill God Kabir Ji:

  • He was thrown in an empty well. The well was, then, filled with mud, wood, etc. Sheikh Taqi, then, went to Sikandar Lodhi to give him the news. But, he found God Kabir Ji sitting there.
  • He was told to sit in a cauldron filled with boiling oil. God Kabir Ji sat there. Nothing happened to Him.
  • Sheikh Taqi, once, took some goons to God Kabir Ji’s hut in the night. With their swords, they cut God Kabir Ji into 6-7 pieces. The sword would go through the body of God Kabir Ji. It would feel as if touching something softer than cotton; boneless completely. Thinking Him dead, they turned back to move. God Kabir Ji stood and said, “Sheikh Taqi, don’t go like this. Have some water.” All ran away thinking Him ghost. The goons developed a fever. God Kabir Ji healed them.
  • He was put in front of a bloodthirsty elephant, who was also drunk. God Kabir Ji showed it a lion besides. It ran away.
  • He was put in the Ganga river with a very heavy stone tied around His neck. The rope broke. The stone drowned. God Kabir Ji was sitting above the river. The river was touching the Feet of God Kabir Ji. Then, stones were pelted. Cannons were fired for 12 hours. But, what could kill the indestructible? He is the real eternal God.

God Kabir Ji struggled to get His True Knowledge and Way of Worship reach His beloved souls. He knew that because the society was illiterate, we could not recognize Him. That’s why God Kabir Ji told Dharamdas Ji nearly 600 years ago, “When 5505 years of Kalyug would pass (1997 A.D.), society will get educated. Then, I will arrive and at that time, the whole world will take My Shelter. The whole world will get liberated then. Until that time comes, My Words would sound baseless.”  

God Kabir Ji Did Not Die

When it was time to go back to His eternal place, God Kabir Ji chose Maghar to leave this mortal world because at that time, there was a special rumour spread by religious leaders that those who die in Maghar became a donkey and those who die in Kashi go to heaven. At the age of 120 years, He walked for three days to reach Maghar from Kashi showing us that a true worshipper doesn't suffer even the old age.

Thousands of audiences, including His disciple the King of Kashi Beerdev Singh Baghel along with the armed soldiers followed. The king of Maghar Bijli Khan Pathan, who was also a disciple of God Kabir Ji, had made all the possible arrangements. Before departing, God Kabir Ji also flowed water into the dried-out Aami river there.

When He was about to depart, He saw that Hindu King Beerdev Singh Baghel and the Muslim King Bijli Khan Pathan both had their armies ready. He knew that they were thinking of getting into a fight to get the final rites of God Kabir Ji performed with respect to their own religion. He asked them why they brought their armies. Beerdev Singh Baghel and Bijli Khan Pathan lowered their heads. Other Hindu and Muslim soldiers expressed their intentions, “You are our Guru. We will get Your final rites performed in accordance with our religion. If they didn’t agree, then we would have a war.” God Kabir Ji said, “Did I teach you this only for 120 years? You still consider yourself separate! Watch out if you fight with each other.”


God Kabir Ji delivered Spiritual Sermons for a while. God Kabir Ji knew that they still did not change their mind even if they were saying “yes” to Him; they were not saying “yes” with their hearts.

Then, to depart, He lay on a sheet. The devotees had put flowers over the sheet in reverence. God Kabir Ji lay over them and covered Himself with another sheet. After some time, God Kabir Ji said from above, “Lift the sheet. You won't find the dead. Whatever you find there, distribute into halves but don't fight with each other.” 

When they looked above, they saw a mass of bright light going above. When they lifted the sheet, they found flowers in the shape of the Body of God Kabir Ji. They started crying, “How bad are we! We could not give our God happiness in the last time even. He was God in reality. We could not recognize Him” Hindus and Muslims who were ready to fight with each other a little while ago, were crying and embracing each other like siblings crying on the death of their parents.

They distributed the flowers into halves. Today at that place, there is a memorial in Maghar. On one side, there is a Hindu temple of God Kabir Ji and on the other side, there is a Muslim Mazar. There is only one gate in between. Anybody can go to any memorial there. 

Other Sects Also Celebrate Kabir Prakat Diwas

In Kabir Sagar chapter Kabir Bani on pages 136-137, there is a description of twelve Kabir Panths. God Kabir Ji told Dharamdas Ji that in those twelve sects, only Kaal's command would go. They would use Kabir Ji's Name and tell the Glory of Satlok, but they would worship Kaal only. Those from whom these Panths would originate would be pious souls but their coming generations would be inspired by Kaal. Chapter Kabir Charitra Bodh, Page no. 1870 names the twelve Panths. Then, Kabir Baani page 137 reads that in the twelfth Panth (sects), God Kabir Ji Himself would come and end all the other Panths. Then, on page 134 under the heading “Vansh Prakaar”, God Kabir Ji says that the thirteenth Vansh (Linage) would dispel all the darkness of knowledge.

That Thirteenth Panth is just started by Sant Rampal Ji. His lineage originates from the twelfth Kabir Panth, which is Sant GaribDas Ji’s Panth. SatGuru Rampal Ji’s GuruDev Swami Ramdevanand Ji while entrusting the responsibility of a Guru to Saint Rampal Ji, said, “There will be no Saint in the world equivalent to You.” He is the incarnation of God Kabir only. God Kabir Ji met Sant Rampal Ji in March 1997 and told Him to disclose the secret of Satnam and Saarnaam. The time when the whole world will take His Shelter has come. 

The purpose of describing this here is that there are twelve more Kabir Panths who also celebrate Kabir Sahib Prakat Diwas . And, then, there are some more Kabir Panths throughout India, originating from the inspiration of Kaal. They all celebrate Kabir Sahib Prakat Diwas . But, only the authorized Saint (the thirteenth Panth as per Kabir Bani chapter) sent by God Kabir Ji or God Kabir Ji Himself would tell the True Way of celebration.

How is Kabir Prakat Diwas Celebrated?

Sant Rampal Ji celebrates the occasion by delivering spiritual discourses while holding a 5-7 day-long Path of Holy Satgranth Sahib Ji of Sant Garibdas Ji. He has been doing this from the beginning. In addition to this, dowry-free marriages, blood and body donation camps, free food, awareness about the true spiritual knowledge, and awareness against the spiritual hypocrisies appens to be the focus of the celebration.

Dowry Free Marriages: Ramaini

Hundreds of dowry-free marriages Ramaini are performed with great simplicity. Couples of various religions, nations, and castes get married without any giving or taking of even a single penny. The brides and the bridegrooms are requested to not get into any show off with respect to their clothes, jewellery, etc. The guests arriving with the bride and the bridegroom are fed in the Bhandara only. The objective is to eliminate the social evils like dowry and extravagance in marriages. 

Blood Donation and Body Donation Camp

What religious gathering can it be without charity? Every year, during Kabir Sahib Prakat Diwas , blood donation and body donation camps are organised. Hundreds of people willingly donate blood and register for donating the body after death for the welfare of humanity. 

Serving Free Food

The Kabir Sahib Prakat Diwas  Bhandara organized by Saint Rampal Ji is well-known for its food, which is all made using pure Desi Ghee. The food includes something sweet, like Ladoos, Jalebis, or Boondi Prasad along with a variety of vegetables and Puris. The best part is that: it is all free for everyone.

Spreading Awareness About the Real Spiritual Knowledge

The spiritual discourses of Sant Rampal Ji are always the main part of the celebration. SatGuru Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji’s spiritual discourses are based on the Holy Scriptures of every Holy Religion. He shows the Holy Books through the projectors to enlighten the devotee society about the real spiritual knowledge. During the celebration of Kabir Sahib Prakat Diwas , the focus is kept on the Glory of God Kabir Ji and His 120 years-long stay in Kashi nearly 600 years ago, and the struggle He went through just to get His souls enlightened about the true worship to attain Him.

Spreading Awareness Against the Religious Hypocrisies

As is written above, there are 12 Kabir Panths. And, then, there are other Panths as well. Some of them are called Kabir Panth; others are not. Then, there are many different religions, who are not performing the way of worship according to the Holy Books. As a result, none of those religions’ or Panths’ followers could get the benefits from God Kabir Ji. God Kabir Ji Himself came in the form of Saint Rampal Ji. Saint Rampal Ji exposed every religious hypocrisy going on and showed the true path from the Holy Books. By His Orders, His devotees also preach that spiritual knowledge even on the occasion of Kabir Sahib Prakat Diwas . 

Why do We Celebrate Kabir Prakat Diwas  Every Year?

The true way of worship told by God Kabir Ji ends all the sufferings. God Kabir Ji is the Supreme God Himself. He can do whatever He wants. During His 120 years long stay here in Kashi, He has cured a number of people of the illnesses. He has removed the sufferings of His 6.4 million devotees along with giving them the true mantras to attain the complete Salvation. What could be a better reason to celebrate God Kabir Ji’s Appearance here than this,

  • that He secured both: His devotees’ life and afterlife? and this,
  • that He was the Supreme God Kabir Himself wandering for His beloved souls to recognize and attain Himself?

God Kabir Ji Came for His Beloved Souls

God Kabir Ji met Saint GaribDas Ji. God Kabir Ji told Saint GaribDas Ji,

Main rovat sab srishti kun, Ye srishti rove Mohe |
GaribDas is viyog kun, Samajh na sakta koe ||

In this Vaani, Saint GaribDas Ji is saying that God Kabir Ji said— Oh GaribDas! I cry for the world that you are all My children. I am your Father. You came here in this bad Kaal's realm because of your own mistake. Kaal is misusing you. You are suffering here. You worship as I tell and move to your original place Satlok, where there is no suffering.

And, this world cries for Me that Oh God! You are the Omnipotent, the Creator, the Nurturer of all. Please give us happiness. Please remove our sufferings. We devotedly worship you as well.

Why are you not giving us an audience?

But, when I go to them and tell them that I am God. Then, being firm on the baseless belief that God is formless, they do not believe Me.

 So, this Kaal has drawn a wall of ignorance between us. None can understand this separation.

To understand this separation, a third entity was needed. That third entity is SatGuru, who unites God with His souls. Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji is the only SatGuru today. He is the incarnation of God Kabir Ji Himself. He tells the same spiritual knowledge and preaches the same way of worship as God Kabir Ji. He gives evidence for this from Holy Kabir Sagar as well.

God Kabir Ji’s Worship Cures Cancer and Other Sufferings

Saint Rampal Ji tells the scripture-based way of worship of God Kabir Ji. As a result, thousands of His devotees got cured of deadly diseases, like cancer and AIDS even at the last stage. Ghosts and Pitras can’t harm His devotees. Even their destiny gets changed. Every kind of suffering ends. One does not die untimely death after taking Initiation from Saint Rampal Ji. Remaining confined to the Boundaries of Worship is important.

Saint Rampal Ji says that if we perform worship given by Him following all the Rules laid by Him, then “Cancer kya? Cancer ka baap bhi thik hoga! (What Cancer? Even the father of Cancer will get cured!)” These testimonies by His devotees are its living proof.
Therefore, don’t do late recognizing God this time. Acquaint yourself with His Knowledge. Take His Shelter. And, get your welfare done.



FAQs : "Kabir Prakat Diwas"

Q.1 What are the contributions of Kabir Saheb ji in social welfare?

Kabir Saheb ji taught the society to be united irrespective of religion, caste and race and proved it by setting an example through His devotees.

Q.2 What was the secret disclosed by Kabir Saheb ji?

Kabir Saheb ji exposed Satan (Kaal Brahm) and revealed the reason of humans taking birth and dying.

Q. 3. Why Kabir Saheb ji's couplets are so famous?

Kabir Saheb ji's couplets are always focused on making this human birth successful which make them unique.

Q.4 For how long Kabir Saheb Ji lived on this planet Earth?

120 years

Q.5 What is the similarity between the life history of Kabir Saheb ji and holy text written in Vedas?

The identity of the one God given in the holy Vedas is similar to the life of Kabir Saheb ji. The evidence present in the Vedas is as follows:

1) Holy Yajurved, Adhyay 29, Mantra 25 reveals the name of the all-pervading Supreme God is Kavir (Kabir).

2) Holy Rigved, Mandal 9, Sukt 96, Mantra 17 describes how God Kabir ji appears on Earth in the form of a child and imparts His unrivalled supreme knowledge through poems and speeches.

3) Holy Rigved, Mandal 9, Sukt 96, Mantra 18 discloses that God Kabir ji is perceived as a poet by all, but in reality He is indeed the Supreme God.

4) Holy Rigved, Mandal 9, Sukt 1, Mantra 9 affirms that when God Kabir appears in the form of an infant, He is nurtured by the milk of a maiden cow. Additionally, sacred verses on page no. 74 of Gyan Sagar, Page no. 1794-1796 of Kabir Charitra Bodh and page 134 of Savsamved Bodh from Holy Kabir Sagar also supplement the divine play of God Kabir.

5) Holy Rigved, Mandal 9, Sukt 94, Mantra 1 asserts that when the Supreme God Kabir manifests on Earth, He essays the role of a poet and disseminates His unparalleled knowledge through poems and couplets.

Q.6 What teachings were given by Kabir Saheb ji to both Hindu and Muslims?

Kabir Saheb ji always taught them the lessons of unity and brotherhood because hindu muslim unity is an example for society.

Q.7 Did Kabir Saheb ji take birth or appeared by Himself?

Kabir Saheb ji appeared in the form of a child resting on a lotus leaf in the Lahartara pond in Varanasi India. Holy Rigved, Mandal 9, Sukt 96, Mantra 17 endorses this fact. It states how the Supreme God Kabir manifests on Earth in the form of a child and bestows His supreme knowledge through poems and speeches.

Q.8 How did Kabir Saheb ji make 64 lakhs disciples in spite of facing criticism from the society?

Kabir Saheb ji was Supreme God Himself Who appeared Himself at different places at the same time to propagate His true spiritual knowledge.

Q.9 Who was Kabir Saheb ji's Guru?

Swami Ramanand Ji

Q.10 which religion Kabir Saheb ji followed?

Kabir Saheb ji followed humanity as His religion

Q.11 How did Kabir Saheb have one son and one daughter in spite of he being not married?

Kabir Saheb ji had brought two dead children back to life, one of them was a boy named Kamal and the other was a girl named Kamali, who were called as His son and daughter.

Q.12 How Kabir Saheb ji's spiritual knowledge closed the business of false religious priests and sages?

The fake saints did not have answers to the questions that Kabir Saheb ji put before the society through His true spiritual knowledge. For this reason their ignorance-form shops kept getting closed.