Essence of Shri Devi Maha Puran (Durga Puran)

Essence of Shri Devi (Durga) Maha Puran

Excerpt from Shri DeviMahaPuran

(Sankshipt Shrimad devibhagwat, Sachitra, Mota type, Keval Hindi, Editor - Hanuman Prasad Pddar, Chimmanlal Goswami, Publisher - Gobind Bhawan - Karyalay, Gita Press Gorakhpur)

|| Shri Jagdambikaayae NamH || 

Shri Mad′ Devi Bhagwat

“Excerpt from Third Skand”

King Parikshit asked Shri Vyas Ji about the creation of Brahmand. Shri Vyas Ji said that King, I had asked this same question from Rishiwar Narad Ji; I shall narrate that account to you. I (Shri Vyas Ji) asked Shri Narad Ji, "Who is the creator of one Brahmand? Some consider Shri Shankar God to be its creator; some Shri Vishnu Ji and some Shri Brahma Ji, and many describe Aacharya Bhavani to be the one who fulfils all wishes. She is Aadi Maya MahaShakti and is the Prakriti, who while living with Param Purush accomplishes the task. She has an inseparable relationship with Brahm. (Page 114)

Narad Ji said - Vyas Ji! Once upon in ancient times - this doubt had also arisen in my heart. Then I went to my father, immeasurably brilliant Brahma Ji's place and the subject about which you are asking me now, I asked him about the same subject. I said - Father! From where did this entire brahmand originate? You have created it, or Shri Vishnu Ji or Shri Shankar Ji - please tell the truth.

Brahma Ji said - (Page 115 to 120 and 123, 125, 128, 129) Son! What answer shall I give to this question? This question is very complicated. In the previous times, there was water everywhere. Then I originated from a lotus. I, sitting on the pericarp (seed vessel) of the lotus, started thinking - "How did I originate in this unfathomable water? Who is my protector? Holding the stem of lotus descended in water. There I saw God Vishnu reclining on Shesh. He, overpowered by Yognidra, was sleeping in deep slumber. Just then, I recalled Bhagwati Yognidra. I prayed to her. Then that auspicious Bhagwati, coming out of Shri Vishnu Ji's body, acquiring an inconceivable (achintya) form, became situated in the sky. Divine ornaments were magnifying her beauty. When Yognidra, on separating from God Vishnu's body, became situated in the sky, then instantly Shri Hari got up. Now there were two of us - God Vishnu and I. Rudra also appeared there. Devi said to three of us - Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwar! You, becoming properly alert, become engrossed in your tasks. Creation, preservation and destruction - these are your tasks. Just then a beautiful aircraft descended from the sky. Then that Devi ordered us - "Gods! Becoming fearless, enter voluntarily into this aircraft. Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra! Let me show you a wonderful sight today."

On seeing us three Gods sitting on that, Devi made the aircraft fly in the sky with her power.

With that our aircraft started moving swiftly and reached divine abode - Brahmlok. There another Brahma was sitting. On seeing him, God Shankar and Vishnu became very surprised. God Shankar and Vishnu asked me - "One with four-faces (Chaturanan)! Who is this immortal Brahma?" I replied - "I do not know anything; who is this controller of nature? God! Who am I, and what is our aim - my mind is revolving in this confusion."

In the meantime, that aircraft, going swift like mind, instantly started moving from there and reached the beautiful summit of Kailash. On arrival of the aircraft there, a three-eyed God Shankar came out of a magnificent palace. He was sitting on the bull Nandi.

Just after a moment, that aircraft even flew from that summit swiftly like wind and reached Vaikunth lok, where there was the luxurious palace of Bhagwati Lakshmi. Son Narad! The wealth which I saw there, it is impossible for me to describe it. On seeing that supreme city, Vishnu's heart started plunging in the ocean of surprise. There, lotus-eyed Shri Hari was sitting who had four arms.

Thereupon, that aircraft, talking to the air, flew away immediately. We found an ocean with nectar-like sweet water ahead. There was a charming island there. In that very island, an auspicious bed was laid. On that supreme bed, a divine, beautiful woman was sitting. We started saying among each other - "Who is this beautiful woman and what is her name? We are fully ignorant about her."

Narad! In this way, fraught with doubt, we stood there. Then God Vishnu on seeing that lovely goddess discerningly ascertained that she is goddess Jagdambika. Then he said that this goddess is the primary cause of all of us. MahaVidhya and MahaMaya are her names. She is Purna Prakriti. She is called 'Vishweshwari', 'Vedgarbha' and 'Shiva'.

She is the same divine lady whom I had seen in the Prlayarnv (after the destruction of the world) . At that time, I was a child. She was rocking me in a cradle. A firm bed was laid on the leaf of a banyan tree. Laying on it, I was sucking the toe of my foot in my lotus-like mouth and was playing. This goddess was rocking me while singing. This is that same goddess. There is no doubt left in it. On seeing her, I recalled the past events. She is our mother.

According to time, Shri Vishnu started lavishing praises on that goddess Bhuvneshwari.

God Vishnu said - Salutations to goddess Prakriti. Constant salutations to Goddess Vidhatri. You are pure-form; this whole world is being illuminated by you. I, Brahma and Shankar - we all are present by your grace. We are in (aavirbhaav) birth and (tirobhaav) death. Only you are eternal, are (jagatjanni) the mother of the universe, Prakriti and the Goddess Sanatani.

God Shankar said - "Goddess! If this highly fortunate Vishnu has appeared from you, then Brahma, who originated after him, is also your child. Then am I, Shankar, who does Tamoguni leela1 , not your child i.e you only are my originator too. Your gunas are always capable in this world's creation, preservation and destruction. Born of those same three gunas, we, Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar, remain devoted to the tasks according to the rules. I, Brahma and Shiv were going in the aircraft. We saw newnew worlds on the way. Bhavani! Well, tell who has made them?"

See this very evidence in Shrimad devi Bhagwat MahaPuran Sabhashtikam Samhatyam , Khemraj Shri Krishna Das Prakashan Mumbai; in this along with Sanskrit text, translation in Hindi has been given. Third Skand, Adhyay 4, Page 10, Shlok 42 : -

Brahma Aham ishwarH fil te prabhawatsarve vyaM jani yuta na yada tu nityaH, Ke anye suraH shatmakh pramukhaH ch nitya nitya twamev janani PrakritiH Purana (42)

Translation: - Oh Mother! Brahma, I, and Shiv take birth from your influence only, are not eternal i.e we are not immortal, then how can other Indra-etc gods be eternal. Only you are immortal, are Prakriti and Sanatani Devi (42).

Page no. 11-12 Adhyay 5, Shlok 8: - Yadi dayardramna na sadambike kathamhaM vihitH ch tamogunH kamaljshch rajogunsambhavH suvihitH kimu satvguno hariH (8)

Translation: - God Shankar said, "Oh Mother! If you are kind to us, then why did you make me Tamogun, why did you make Brahma, who has originated from lotus, Rajgun, and why did you make Vishnu, Satgun?" i.e. why did you engage us in the evil deed of the birth and death of the living beings?

Shlok 12: - Ramayse swapatiM purushM sada tav gatiM na hi vih vid am shive (12)

Translation: - You are always doing sexual intercourse with your husband Purush i.e. Kaal God. Nobody knows your state.

Brahma Ji says - Even I fell at the feet of MahaMaya Jagdambika, and I said to her - Mother! Vedas say 'EkamevadwitiyM Brahm', then are you only that God-power or is it some other God?

Goddess said - I and Brahm are one. There is never even a little difference between me and this Brahm. Gauri, Brahmi, Raudri, Varahi, Vaishnvi, Shiva, Varuni, Kauberi, Narsinhi, and Vasbi - all are my forms. Brahma Ji! Make this Shakti your wife. Famous by the name 'MahaSaraswati' this beautiful woman will now remain your wife forever. Bhagwati Jagdamba said to God Vishnu - Vishnu! Taking this charming 'MahaLakshmi' now you may also proceed. She will always remain seated in your chest.

The Goddess said - Shankar! This charming 'MahaKaali' is famous by the name Gauri. You may accept her as wife.

Now to accomplish my task, sitting in the aircraft, you people may proceed immediately. In the presence of a difficult task, when you will remember me, then I will appear before you. Gods! You must always keep remembering me and the Sanatan Parmatma (Eternal God) . If you will keep remembering both of us, then there will not even be a little doubt left in accomplishment of your tasks.

Brahma Ji says - Saying this Bhagwati Jagdambika bade us farewell. She, among the Shaktis with pure conduct, ordered MahaLakshmi to become wife of God Vishnu, MahaKaali of Shankar and MahaSaraswati, mine. Now we departed from that place.

Essence: - Even Maharishi Vyas Ji, Maharishi Narad Ji and Shri Brahma Ji, Shri Vishnu Ji and Shri Shankar Ji are unaware of the actual state of one Brahmand. This is also clear that Shri Durga is also called Prakriti, and Durga and Brahm (Jyoti Niranjan / Kaal) also have the relationship of husband-wife. Therefore it is written that Prakriti has an inseparable relationship with Brahm. Like, a wife is also called as the other half. Shri Brahma Ji himself does not know from where he originated. For a thousand years, he searched for Earth in the water, but did not find it. Then, based on a voice from the sky, he meditated for one thousand years. When came down by holding the lotus-stem, there God Vishnu was lying unconscious on the bed of Shesh Naag. A goddess came out of Shri Vishnu's body (like a ghost), who adorned with beautiful ornaments became situated in the sky. Then Shri Vishnu Ji gained consciousness. Meanwhile Shankar Ji also arrived there.

It has been proved from the above-mentioned account that the three gods had been kept unconscious. Then they were made conscious. An aircraft came from the sky. The goddess ordered the three gods to sit in the aircraft and flew the aircraft in the sky. Saw one more Brahma, Shiv and Vishnu above, who were in Brahmlok.

Please think: - In Brahmlok, the second Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv which they had seen, these are tricks of Jyoti Niranjan (Kaal) only. He only by acquiring other three forms, resides in Brahmlok by making three secret places (one Rajogun-dominated place, one Satogun-dominated place and one Tamogun-dominated place) and keeps Prakriti (Durga / Ashtangi) as his wife. When these two are in Rajogun-dominated place, then this Kaal is called MahaBrahma and Durga, MahaSaraswati. By the union of these two, the son who is born in this Rajogun-dominated place, he is Rajogun-dominated. They keep his name Brahma, and making him unconscious, keep rearing him until he attains youth. Then keeping him on a lotus flower, bring him into consciousness. When these two, in MahaVishnu and MahaLakshmi form (Kaal/Brahm and Durga) live in Satogun-dominated place, then the son, who is born from their act of husbandwife, is Satogun-dominated. They keep his name Vishnu. After a few days, making the child unconscious make him sleep on the bed of Shesh Naag and keep rearing him until he attains youth. Then bring him into consciousness. Likewise, when these two live in the Tamogun-dominated place, then the son, who is born in this place by the act of husband-wife of Shiva i.e. Durga and MahaShiv i.e. SadaShiv, is Tamogun dominated. They keep his name Shiv. They also keep him unconscious until he attains youth. On attaining youth, make him conscious. Then assembling the three and making them sit in an aircraft show them the views of the loks (worlds) above so that they should not consider themselves to be everything. To understand the guna-dominated place, there is an example - there are three rooms in a house. In one room, there are pictures of patriotic martyrs. When a person goes into that room, then his thoughts also become like that of the patriots. In the second room, if there are pictures of sadhusaints, rishis etc, then on entering that room, the mind becomes calm and gets engrossed in bhakti of God. In the third room, if there are pictures of indecent, half-naked men-women, then automatically dirty thoughts start settling in. Similarly, in the Brahmlok above, Kaal form Brahm has made three places dominated in one guna each.

How do the three gods (Rajgun-Brahma Ji, Satgun-Vishnu Ji and Tamgun-Shiv Ji) exert the influence of their three gunas?

Example - like, in the kitchen, a vegetable dish was seasoned with chillies. Because of the guna (quality) of the chilly the people in all the rooms started sneezing. Like, chilly in form was in the kitchen, but its formless power i.e. guna even influenced the people sitting far away. Likewise, the three gods (Shri Brahma Ji Rajgun, Shri Vishnu Ji Satgun and Shri Shiv Ji Tamgun) while living in their own loks, keep exerting influence upon the living beings of the three loks (Earth, Nether world and Heaven). Like, a phone operates by the range of a mobile phone. In this way, the three gods by the invisible effect of their qualities are running the Nature of their father Kaal for his food.

Durga also has her separate lok, in which she grants audience in her actual form. When their aircraft arrived at the island of Durga, Jyoti Niranjan i.e. Kaal-form Brahm granted the memory of childhood to Vishnu Ji. Shri Vishnu Ji told that this Durga is the mother of us three. I was lying as a child in a cradle; she was rocking me while singing a lullaby. Then Shri Vishnu Ji said, "Oh Durga, you are our mother. I (Vishnu), Brahma and Shankar take birth. We have aavirbhaav i.e. birth and tirobhaav i.e. death; we are not eternal. You are goddess Prakriti. Even Shri Shankar Ji accepted this and said that I, Shankar, who does Tamoguni leela, am also your son. Shri Vishnu Ji and Shri Brahma Ji have also taken birth from you.

Then Durga married these three gods off. Prakriti Devi (Durga) by her word power acquired three other forms of hers. Marrying Shri Brahma Ji to Savitri, Shri Vishnu Ji to Lakshmi and Shri Shiv Ji to Uma i.e. Kaali, making them sit in the aircraft, sent them off to their separate islands (loks).

Jyoti Niranjan (Kaal / Brahm) through his breaths hid four Vedas in the ocean. Then when the ocean was churned for the first time, made them appear on the top of the water. By Jyoti Niranjan's (Kaal) order, Durga gave the four Vedas to Shri Brahma Ji. Brahma asked Durga (his mother) that the Brahm (God) who has been mentioned in the Vedas, is that you or some other God.

Durga, while trying to hide the reality with the fear of Kaal, said that I and Brahm are one; there is no difference. Even then could not hide the reality. Durga then said that you three may always keep remembering me and Brahm. If you will keep remembering us, then in presence of a difficult task, I will immediately appear before you.

Important - Because Kaal has said to Durga that do not disclose my secret to anyone, with this fear, Durga keeps the whole universe unaware of the reality. They also keep their sons in deception. Its reason is that Kaal has been cursed to eat one lakh human beings daily. Therefore he gets his food prepared by his three sons. Influencing all the living beings by the Rajgun of Shri Brahma Ji, makes them produce offsprings. Producing attachment between one another by the Satgun of Shri Vishnu Ji, maintains state i.e. keeps them in Kaal's web, and getting them destroyed by the Tamogun of Shri Shankar Ji, gets his food ready.

On completion of life, also kills and eats these three gods, and giving birth to three sons from new virtuous beings keeps his task going, and the former three Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv based on their deeds keep revolving in the 84 lakh births of various living beings and heaven-hell. This very evidence is also in Shiv MahaPuran, Rudra Sanhita, Pratham (first) (Srishti) Khand, Adhyay 6, 7, 8 and 9.