God Kabir is generally known to the masses as "Kabir Das", The Weaver Saint of Varanasi (Banaras or Kashi, India). The irony is that Supreme God Kabir himself appeared on this earth but came to be known as a "Das" (servant) to the world. He is such a master of trickery that no one could get his secret, bar a few like Guru Nanak Dev Ji (of Talawandi), Dharamdas Ji (of Bandhavgarh), Dadu Ji (of Gujarat) upon whom He Himself showered his grace and made them aware of His status. The Vedas are a testimony to this trait of the Supreme God (Rig Ved Mandal 10 Sukt 4 Mantra 6). In this mantra, Supreme God has been addressed as a "Taskar" (Smuggler), one who operates by cheating. Guru Nanak Dev Ji has also called him a "Thug", a cheat (Rag Siri Mehla Pehla, SGGS Page 24).

Appearance of God Kabir

God Kabir Himself comes as His messenger and Himself delivers His sound knowledge (True Tattavgyan). This is also supported by the Vedas. Yajur Ved mentions that God Kabir himself appears on this earth to spread his knowledge. His name is mentioned in the vedas as "Kavir Dev" which is the same as "Kabir"

Yajurved Adhyay 29 Mantra 25

समिद्धः-अद्य-मनुषः-दुरोणे-देवः-देवान्-यज्-असि- जात-वेदः-आ- च-वह-मित्रामहः-चिकित्वान्-त्वम्-दूतः- कविर्-असि-प्रचेताः।

One, who brings and imparts the healthy/sound knowledge i.e. the true bhakti of the Purna Parmatma who is kind and the real friend of a living being, in the form of a messenger is Himself Kabir

Appearance of God Kabir (Kavir Dev) in Kalyug

In Kalyug, in the year 1398 (Vikrami Samvat 1455) on a full moon day (Purnima) of the month of Jeth (May-June), early morning (Brahm- Muhurat) that Supreme God acquiring a form of an infant descended from Satlok (eternal place) and appeared on a mature lotus flower in the Lahar Tara pond in the holy city Kashi (Banaras) on the holy earth of India. A childless weaver couple named "Neeru & Neema" took Him. This feature of Supreme God is also mentioned in Rig Ved. 

In Rig Ved Mandal 9, Sukt 96, Mantra 17, it is mentioned that Supreme God appears on this earth by acquiring the form of a child and then delivers His pure knowledge (i.e. Tattavgyan) to His followers through (KavirgirbhiH) Kabir Vaani (Speech).

ऋग्वेद मण्डल 9 सूक्त 96 मंत्र 17
शिशुम् जज्ञानम् हर्य तम् मृजन्ति शुम्भन्ति वह्निमरूतः गणेन।
कविर्गीर्भि काव्येना कविर् सन्त् सोमः पवित्राम् अत्येति रेभन्।।17।।

भावार्थ - वेद बोलने वाला ब्रह्म कह रहा है कि विलक्षण मनुष्य के बच्चे के रूप में प्रकट होकर पूर्ण परमात्मा कविर्देव अपने वास्तविक ज्ञानको अपनी कविर्गिभिः अर्थात् कबीर बाणी द्वारा निर्मल ज्ञान अपने हंसात्माओं अर्थात् पुण्यात्मा अनुयाइयों को कवि रूप में कविताओं, लोकोक्तियों के द्वारा सम्बोधन करके अर्थात् उच्चारण करके वर्णन करता है। वह स्वयं सतपुरुष कबीर ही होता है।

Rig Ved Mandal 9, Sukt 96, Mantra 17

The narrator of Ved, Brahm is saying that Supreme God KavirDev by appearing in the form of an extraordinary human child explains His real, pure knowledge to His hans souls i.e. devout followers by means of His Kabir vaani by addressing i.e. uttering, through poems and proverbs. Because of absence of this Tattavgyan, not recognising the God present then, people only consider Him to be a Rishi, Saint or a Poet. That God Himself also says that I am Purna Brahm, but on the basis of lokved (folk knowledge), believing God to be formless, the people do not recognise Him.

Who were Neeru & Neema

Neeru and Neema were both Brahmins by the name Gauri Shankar and Saraswati. They were worshippers of God Shiv. They used to narrate the glory of God Shiv from Shiv Puran selflessly to devout souls. They did not use to take money from anyone. They were such noble souls that if anyone used to give them any donation, out of it they used to keep whatever was sufficient for their food and used to do bhandara (provide a common meal) of the rest. 

Other selfish Brahmins used to be jealous of Gauri Shankar and Saraswati because Gauri Shankar used to do katha selflessly. He did not use to mislead devotees for the greed of money; as a result of which had become an object of praise. On the other hand the Muslims came to know that Neeru-Neema do not have any Brahmin Hindu with them. They took advantage of this and forcefully converted them into Muslims. The Muslims sprinkled their water in their whole house and also put it in their mouth; sprinkled it on all the clothes. At this the Hindu Brahmins said that now they have become Muslims. From today onwards they do not have any relation with us.

Poor Gauri Shankar and Saraswati became helpless. The Muslims kept the man’s name as Neeru and the woman’s name as Neema. Previously, whatever donation they used to get was running their livelihood, and whatever money was saved, they used to do a religious bhandara from the remaining money. Now even the donation stopped coming. They thought now what work shall we do? They installed a hand-mill and started working as weavers. At that time also after fulfilling their needs, they used to spend the remaining money in bhandara. The Hindu Brahmins had prohibited Neeru-Neema from taking bath in Ganga. They used to say that now you have become Muslims.

Apperance of God Kabir on a Lotus Flower

The water of Ganga, splashing through waves, used to fill a big lake named "Lahar Tara" in Kaashi city. It used to remain filled with very pure water. Lotus flower were growing in it. In 1398 A.D. (Vikrami Samvat 1455) on a full moon day in the month of Jyesth (May-June), in Brahm-Muhurat (Brahm-Muhurat is approximately 1½ hours before sunrise), God Kabir (KavirDev) coming in bodily form from His Satyalok (Ritdhaam), acquiring a child form, became seated on a lotus flower in Lahar Tara lake in Kaashi city. Neeru and Neema were going to the same lake to take bath early morning in Brahm-Muhurat. A very bright mass of light (Parmeshwar Kabir Ji had come in form of a child with a very bright body; because of the distance, appeared only as a mass of light) came from above (from Satyalok) and became contained in the lotus flower, by which the entire Lahar Tara Lake started dazzling, and then going in one corner, it disappeared. One of the disciples of Ramanand Ji, Rishi Ashtanand Ji was seeing this spectacle with his own eyes. Ashtanand Ji also used to go to a solitary place to take bath everyday. Sitting there used to do jaap of the mantra which Gurudev had given and used to enjoy the nature. When Swami Ashtanand Ji saw that such a bright light that even the eyes were dazzled, Rishi Ji thought that whether it is any accomplishment of my bhakti or a deception. Thinking this, to ask the reason, went to his Gurudev.

God Kabir being nurtured by maiden cows

Neeru Neema brought the child home after a bit of a discussion. Kaashi’s men and women came to see the child and said that he appears to be some god. We have never seen such a beautiful body, such a bright child before. Someone said that he is some god among Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh. Brahma- Vishnu-Mahesh said that this is some power which has come from the upper loks. Everyone forgot to ask from where have you brought him?

For 21 days God Kabir in the form of a child did not consume anything. He did not accept any milk. Neema got worried that the child would die. As a result she became very upset. She prayed to Lord Shiv to sort the problem out. Lord Shiv appeared at Neeru Neema's house in the guise of a sage, and Neema narrated her plight to the sage. On this, God Kabir in the form of a child communicated with Lord Shiv and asked Neeru Neema via Lord Shiv to get a maiden cow, who would give milk and that milk He would drink. Lord Shiv then asked Neeru to get a maiden cow. Neeru went and brought a maiden cow. God Kabir asked Shiv ji to pat the back of the cow, which then started giving milk. That milk God Kabir drank to satisfy Neema. 

The above mentioned account is present in Kabir Sagar. The Vedas however also talk about this property of God, that God drinks milk from maiden cows in Rigved Mandal 9 Sukt 1 Mantra 9. 

ऋग्वेद मण्डल 9 सूक्त 1 मंत्र 9
अभी इमं अध्न्या उत श्रीणन्ति धेनवः शिशुम्। सोममिन्द्राय पातवे।।9।।

भावार्थ - पूर्ण परमात्मा अमर पुरुष जब लीला करता हुआ बालक रूप धारण करके स्वयं प्रकट होता है उस समय कंवारी गाय अपने आप दूध देती है जिससे उस पूर्ण प्रभु की परवरीष होती है।

Rigved Mandal 9 Sukt 1 Mantra 9

Abhi imM adhnya ut shreenanti dhenavH shishum′ Sommindray paatve ||9||

Translation: This Supreme Eternal God, who has especially appeared in child form, is nurtured by a completely maiden cow (who has never been troubled by a bull) for His development through comforts i.e. development of body through nourishment.

Meaning: When the Supreme Eternal God while performing a divine act, acquiring a child form, appears by Himself, at that time a maiden cow itself gives milk by which Supreme/Complete God is nurtured.

God Kabir's encounter with Swami Ramanand

Pandit Swami Ramanand Ji was a learned person. He was considered to be deeply-versed in Vedas and Shrimad Bhagavad Gita.

Adopting Ramanand Ji as a Guru at the Age of Five Years

When God Kabir (KavirDev) turned five in His leelamay body (a disguise to perform wonderous acts at will), at that time to maintain Guru Maryada (the custom of acquiring a Guru), He did a leela (divine act). He, acquiring the appearance of a 2½- year-old child, before dawn in the darkness, laid down on the steps of Panch-Ganga Ghaat, where Swami Ramanand Ji used to go daily to bathe. Shri Ramanand Ji was 104 years old. He had stopped the pretentious way of worship which other Pandits had started in Kaashi. Ramanand Ji used to advocate worship according to the scriptures and used to hold his 52 courts in the entire Kaashi. Ramanand Ji used to preach worship based on the injunctions of Holy Gita Ji and Holy Vedas. He used to give jaap of ‘Om’ naam.

That day also, when he went to Panch-Ganga Ghaat for bathing, at that time Kabir Sahib was lying on the steps. In the darkness of the Brahm-muhurat (moments just before sunrise) Ramanand Ji failed to see Kabir Sahib. The sandal of Ramanand Ji’s feet hit Kabir Sahib’s head. KavirDev started crying like a child. Ramanand Ji bent down quickly to find out if the child was hurt and lifted him affectionately. At that moment the kanthi (garland) in Ramanand Ji’s neck came out and was put in Parmeshwar KavirDev’s neck. Ramanand Ji said, “Son, say ‘Ram-Ram’. All miseries are removed by Ram’s naam; son, say Ram-Ram”, and kept his hand over Kabir Sahib’s head. Kabir Sahib in a child form became quiet. Then Ramanand Ji started taking bath and thought that I will take the child to ashram. And will send him to whosoever he belongs. After taking bath, Ramanand Ji saw that the child was not there. Kabir Sahib disappeared from there and came in his hut. Ramanand Ji thought that the child must have gone away, now where shall I look for him?

God Kabir Acquiring Two Forms in Swami Ramanand Ji’s Ashram

One day, a disciple of Swami Ramanand Ji was delivering discourse somewhere. Kabir Sahib went there. That Rishi Ji (sage) was narrating the tale of ShriVishnu Puran. He was saying that God Vishnu is the creator of the entire nature, he is the sustainer. He only is the Supreme Power who came as incarnation in Ram and Krishna form; he is unborn; Shri Vishnu Ji does not have any motherfather. Kavirishwar (Kavir God) listened to the whole account. After the satsang, Kabir Parmeshwar said, “Rishi Ji, can I ask you a question?” Rishi Ji said, “Yes son! Ask.” Hundreds of devotees were present there. KavirDev said that you were delivering the discourse from Vishnu Puran that Shri Vishnu Ji is a Supreme Power; Brahma and Shiv have originated from him. Rishi Ji said that whatever I narrate, the same is written in Vishnu Puran. Kabir Sahib said that Rishi Ji, I have requested you to dispel my doubt, please do not get agitated. One day I had listened to Shiv Puran. In that that greatman was narrating that Vishnu and Brahma originated from God Shiv. (Evidence: Holy Shiv Puran, Rudr Sanhita, Adhyay 6 and 7, Published from Gita Press Gorakhpur). In Devi Bhagwat’s third Skand, it is written that the Goddess is the mother of these three, Brahma-Vishnu-Shiv. These three are mortal, are not eternal. Rishi Ji was without an answer. Being angry, said, “Who are you? Whose son are you?” Even before Kabir Sahib could say anything, other devotees started saying that he is the son of that weaver Neeru. The disciple of Swami Ramanand Ji said that how come you are wearing a kanthi in your neck? (The Vaishnu Sadhus wear a garland of one bead of basil/tulsi; it is evident from that, that these have taken initiation from Vishnu-succession.) Who is your Gurudev? Kabir Sahib said that my Gurudev is the same as yours. That Rishi became very angry and said, “Oh fool! You, son of a low-caste weaver, are addressing my Gurudev as yours. You, son of a weaver! He does not even see inferior people like you and you are saying that you have taken naam (initiation) from him! See, devotees, he is a liar, a fraud. I will go to Gurudev just now and will tell your whole story to him. You, child of a low-caste, insult our Guruji.” Kaviragni said, “Alright, tell Guru Ji.” That Rishi Ji went and told Shri Ramanand Ji, “Gurudev, there is a boy of lower caste. He has disgraced us. He says that Swami Ramanand Ji is my Gurudev. Oh Bhagwan! It has become difficult for us to go out.” Swami Ramanand Ji said, “Call him tomorrow morning. Just see how much I will punish him tomorrow in front of you.”

Revealing Swami Ramanand Ji’s Secret Thought

Next day early morning, ten ignorant men captured God Kabir and presented him before Shri Ramanand Ji. To show that I do not even look at people of low-caste, he was telling a lie that he has taken initiation from me, Ramanand Ji drew a curtain in front of him at the door of his hut. Ramanand Ji asked from behind the curtain that who are you and what is your caste? 

God Kabir said —

If you are asking my caste, then I am Jagatguru (in Vedas, it is written that God Kabir is the Jagatguru who imparts knowledge to the entire creation). What is my Panth (path)? (The path to which God do I show?) My Panth is that of Parmeshwar. I have come to show the path to that Supreme Power i.e. Parmeshwar who is the Creator of the infinite crore brahmands and is the Sustainer; who has been referred by the names KavirDev, Kaviragni etc in the Vedas.

Then Swami Ramanand Ji said, “Why did you tell a lie?” Kabir Sahib said, “Which lie, Swami Ji?” Swami Ramanand Ji said, “You were saying that you have taken naam (initiation) from me. When did you take updesh (initiation) from me?” Kabir Sahib replied, “Once, you had gone to Panch-Ganga Ghaat for bathing. I was lying over there. The khadaau of your feet had hit my head, then you had said that son, say Ram-Ram.” Ramanand Ji said, “Yes, now I remember something. But that was a very small child (because at that time 5-year-old children used to grow up quite a lot, and there was a double difference between the bodies of a 5-year-old child and a 2½-years-old child).” Kabir Sahib said, “Swami Ji, look, was I like this?” He was also standing in front of Swami Ji, and acquiring another appearance of a 2½-year-old child sat down on a cot of a servant laid there.” Now Ramanand Ji looked six times on one side and six times on the other. Then rubbing his eyes saw again if his eyes were misleading him. In this way while he was seeing, the smaller form of Kabir Sahib rose and vanished into Kabir Sahib’s bigger 5-year-old form. Now only Kabir Sahib in 5-year-old form was standing there.

Then Ramanand Ji said, “My doubt is dispelled. Oh Parmeshwar! How can we recognise you? You are standing in such a caste and attire. We ignorant living beings argued with you and became guilty, please forgive us, Purna Parmeshwar KavirDev, I am your ignorant child.”

Kabir Sahib (KavirDev/God Kabir) asked Swami Ramanand Ji, “Swami Ji, what pooja do you do?” Swami Ramanand Ji said, “I do sadhna according to the Vedas and Gita Ji.” Kabir Sahib asked, “Where will you go on the basis of the Vedas and Gita.” Swami Ramanand Ji said, “I shall go to heaven.” Kabir Sahib asked, “What will you do in heaven, Daata?” Ramanand Ji replied, “There is dearest God Vishnu Ji there. I will attain his audience everyday, and there are rivers of milk there, there is no worry, no tension there; I shall live there happily. Kabir Sahib asked, “Swami Ji, for how many years will you live in heaven?” (Ramanand Ji was a learned man and had knowledge. He understood within two minutes.)

Swami Ji said, “Whatever my earnings of bhakti will be, I will live accordingly.” Kabir Sahib said, “Swami Ji, you have done this sadhna infinite times. One can not get liberated by this. You want to go to heaven lok by doing sadhna of Shri Vishnu Ji. Those worshippers who by doing Brahm-sadhna go to Brahmlok, they too remain in the cycle of birth-death because one day Mahaswarg (Great heaven) which is built in Brahmlok will also get destroyed. Gita Ji’s Adhyay 8 Shlok 16, states this.” Swami Ramanand Ji was a learned man. The shloks were at his finger tips. Swami Ramanand Ji said, “You are right; this only is written.” Kabir Sahib said, “Tell me then where will you live, Gurudev?” Ramanand Ji was forced to think. Parmeshwar Kabir Ji asked, “Swami Ji, who narrated the knowledge of Gita Ji.” Swami Ramanand Ji replied, “Shri Krishna Ji did.” Parmeshwar Kabir Ji said, “Swami Ji, in Sanskrit Mahabharat Khand Two (page no 1531-old one and 667-new one), it is written that Shri Krishna Ji is saying to Arjun, now I do not remember that knowledge of Gita; I can not narrate it again.” Parmeshwar Kabir Sahib gave all the evidences.

Swami Ramanand's visit to Satlok

Kabir Sahib asked that how do you do sadhna? Swami Ramanand Ji replied that I have accomplished my whole body. By practice of yog, I, passing through the lotuses within, reach Trikuti (trivaini). Kabir Sahib said that you may reach Trivaini once. When Ramanand Ji entered into a state of meditation (because it was his daily practice), there are three paths after reaching Trivaini. On entering the Brahmlok built in every brahmand, three paths arise. Likewise, beyond the twenty brahmands, there is a similar arrangement in the twenty-first brahmand. One way goes to the three secret places built in Brahmlok ahead, where Jyoti Niranjan lives in three forms. The Brahmrandhr ahead will not open by this naam of yours. This Brahmrandhr too will open by Satnaam. Kabir Sahib uttered His Satnaam through breaths, the front door opened up. Kabir Sahib said, “Now I will show you Kaal God whom you call formless; who says in Gita that I will eat everyone. Arjun! I never grant audience to anyone, I never appear before anyone.” Kabir Sahib said, “Now I will make you see him with your eyes.” First of all, showed Brahm (Kaal) in the secret places in Brahmlok built in one brahmand; he was in Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv form. Then exiting from the door which crosses Brahmlok, took to the twenty-first brahmand. Brahm (Kaal) also keeps an eye on the path which extends beyond Brahmlok, which is above the Jata Kundali Sarover (lake) so that no one should escape. The last lok of twenty-one brahmands is Kaal-Brahm’s (Kshar Purush) personal place. There he is sitting in the same dreadful appearance which is his actual form. Kabir Sahib said, “See, your formless God is sitting there; whom you call formless.” (Because the yogis did sadhna by ‘Om’ naam based on the Vedas; did not achieve God, attained supernatural powers, went to heaven, to great heaven, then became animals. Therefore everybody has accepted him to be formless that he is not visible, whereas it is written in Vedas that God is in form.) When approached Kaal ahead, then Sahib uttered His Satnaam along with Saarnaam. At that very moment, Kaal’s head bent down. Above Kaal’s head is that door through which one goes to Satlok and enters the lok of ParBrahm. After that, one Bhanvar cave starts. (There is also one Bhanvar cave in Kaal’s lok.) Kabir Sahib Ji’s hans (flawless devotees) go up by stepping on Kaal’s head. This Kaal acts as his stair. After crossing the lok of ParBrahm, Kabir Sahib took the soul of Shri Ramanand Ji to Satlok. (There is also a Bhanvar cave there.) On going to Satlok, Shri Ramanand Ji saw that Kabir Sahib (KavirDev) is sitting in His actual form. There is so much brightness in Kabir Sahib there as if in one hair follicle, there is more brightness than the combined light (but there is no warmth) of crore suns and crore moons. On going there Kabir Sahib started moving whisk on His own another form. Shri Ramanand Ji thought that this is God and this Kabir might be some servant here, but the lok is different from all. God is very effulgent. He is thinking all this, with that, the effulgent form of God stood up and Kabir Sahib in the form of the five-year-old child sat down on the throne. The actual visible effulgent form of God started moving whisk on Kabir Sahib in child form. Thereafter Kabir Sahib’s effulgent form vanished into Kabir Sahib in the child form. And Kabir Sahib is sitting on the throne only in the form of the five-year-old child; the whisk is moving itself. With that, sent Ramanand Ji’s soul back into his body. His meditation broke; saw in front of him that Kabir Sahib is sitting in the form of a fiveyear- old child. At that time, Swami Ramanand Ji said Oh Parmeshwar! Oh Kabir Parmatma! Oh Kabir Kartaar (Creator of the entire nature)! You alone are the Omnipresent Complete God.”Oh God Kabir! You are in both the places, in Satyalok as well as in front of me and making two forms from one, have come here for us insignificant living beings.

Ramanand Ji, a 104-year-old greatman is saying to 5-year-old Kabir Parmeshwar that I, your Das (servant), have become liberated and the wandering of my mind has ended. I have obtained sight of God’s actual appearance. Oh Purna Parmatma Kabir Sahib (KavirDev)! All the four Holy Vedas and Holy Gita Ji are only singing your praises. 

God Kabir gave his knowledge through his speech and became renowned as a poet

God Kabir uttered numerous speeches during his tenure on earth which were compiled by one of His disciples "Dharamdas". These are available to us as Kabir Sagar and the Bijak of Kabir. It is a collection of speeches (Banis / Vani) by God Kabir. To the general public God Kabir was known as a poet and is still known the same way. However he was God himself. Even this trait of Supreme God is mentioned in the Vedas in Rigved Mandal 9 Sukt 96 Mantra 18.

ऋग्वेद मण्डल 9 सूक्त 96 मंत्र 18
ऋषिमना य ऋषिकृत् स्वर्षाः सहòाणीथः पदवीः कवीनाम्।
तृतीयम् धाम महिषः सिषा सन्त् सोमः विराजमानु राजति स्टुप्।।18।।

भावार्थ - मंत्र 17 में कहा है कि कविर्देव शिशु रूप धारण कर लेता है। लीला करता हुआ बड़ा होता है। कविताओं द्वारा तत्वज्ञान वर्णन करने के कारण कवि की पदवी प्राप्त करता है अर्थात् उसे कवि कहने लग जाते हैं, वास्तव में वह पूर्ण परमात्मा कविर् (कबीर प्रभु) ही है। उसके द्वारा रची अमृतवाणी कबीर वाणी (कविर्गिरः अर्थात् कविर्वाणी) कही जाती है, जो भक्तों के लिए स्वर्ग तुल्य सुखदाई होती है। वही परमात्मा तीसरे मुक्ति धाम अर्थात् सतलोक की स्थापना करके एक गुबंद अर्थात् गुम्बज में सिंहासन पर तेजोमय मानव सदृश शरीर में आकार में विराजमान है।

Rigved Mandal 9 Sukt 96 Mantra 18.

Rishimna ya rishikrit′ swarshaH sahastraneethH padviH kavinam′  Trteeyam′ dhaam mahishH sisha sant′ somH viraajmanu rajti stup′ ||18||

Translation: The narrator of Ved, Brahm, is saying that the Supreme God, who coming in the form of an extraordinary child, attains the title of famous poets i.e. plays the role of a saint or a Rishi (sage), the thousands of speeches composed by that God who has appeared as a saint, are provider of happiness equal to that of heaven to the individuals of saintly nature i.e. to devotees. He, who has appeared in form of a Rishi/Saint is Eternal God i.e. SatPurush only; that Complete God, after establishing the very firm Earth of the third lok of salvation i.e. Satyalok, is seated in a saint form in a dome on a high hillock-like throne in bright material body i.e. in a humanlike effulgent body.

Meaning: It is said in Mantra 17 that KavirDev acquires a child form. Then, He grows up while playing a divine act. Because of describing the Tatvgyan through poems, He attains the position of a poet (kavi) i.e. people start calling Him Kavi; in reality, He is Supreme God Kavir (God Kabir) only. The nectar speech composed by Him is known as Kabir Vaani (KavirgirbhiH i.e. Kavir Vaani/ Speech), which is comforting like heaven to the devotees. That same God establishing the third lok of salvation i.e. Satlok, is seated in form in a dome on a high throne in a bright human-like body.

It is further mentioned in Rig Ved Mandal 9, Sukt 94, Mantra 1, that, that God behaves and wanders like a poet and spreads his knowledge via couplets, poems etc.