Initiation (Naam-Daan) by Sant Rampal Ji with Prerequisites

 Initiation (Naam-Daan) by Sant Rampal Ji with Prerequisites

In this uncertain world where anything can happen to anyone at any time it becomes important for every individual to come under the shelter of the supreme power who protects us from all atrocities. In spirituality; true worship holds importance which provides strength to the devotee to face hardships because real mantras granted by an Authorized Saint protects them from all enormity in this world of the villain called Brahm-Kaal. The true worship is backed by the shreds of evidence provided in our Holy Books which clearly state that the Tatvadarshi (Enlightened) Saint grants true mantras (salvation / moksha mantras) in three stages chanting which the souls can land back to the eternal world ‘Satlok’ which is the native place of all souls.

What is Initiation

Initiation is a process whereby a person is granted "naam" (mantras) by a True Master / Supreme Saint. It is also called "Naam Diksha" or "Namdaan".

The terms "Initiation", "Naam", "Namdaan" and "Naam Diksha" are used interchangeably.

What is the Purpose of Initiation

The main aim of human life is to get "Moksha" (salvation / liberation). Moksha can only be achieved once a soul gets initiated by a True Master. Hence, the sole aim of getting initiated is to attain Moksha. 

Readers should take note that "Good Health", "Prosperity", and "Happiness / Contentment" is a by-product of this true worship. Naam should not be taken with a primary aim to achieve these by-products. The aim should be salvation.

Provided a disciple does true worship as ordained by Sant Rampal Ji and follows the rules with a primary aim of achieving salvation, good health and prosperity automatically occur. If someone takes naam with the primary aim of achieving worldly pleasures or getting rid of a misery or distress or a disease, it does not work quickly. One needs to gain knowledge and develop faith before these benefits can be obtained. However, under all circumstances, the aim of taking naam should be the liberation of this human soul or Moksha.

What are the Prerequisites to getting an Initiation

To be able to take initiation, one needs to follow a few rules. It is vital that these rules are followed strictly for the initiation and the worship to be successful / fruitful. Worship does not materialise and is a futile effort if a disciple breaks any of the rules. Please familiarise yourself with the rules of worship.

It is also important that a person willing to take initiation is cognizant of the knowledge imparted by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. Knowledge is the basis for consolidation of worship and naam. To gain the knowledge one can read a book called Gyan Ganga which can be downloaded free from the publications page. One can also listen to the spiritual discourses of Sant Rampal Ji which are available throughout this website and can also be found on YouTube.

How can one take Initiation or Naam

Once a person has made up his / her mind to get initiated, the process is straightforward. You need to make contact with your nearest "Namdaan" centre where you can visit and take initiation (naam or namdaan). The contact numbers for most namdan centres can be found at the contact us page.

For people living abroad there are a handful of namdan centres in countries like USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Italy, Belgium, Nepal etc. Please visit our contact us page for more information. 

For those who are living abroad and are unable to visit a namdaan centre, initiation can also be given online via a video call / skype call. Please contact us for more information about this. 

Stages of Namdaan

Naam Mantra is given in 3 stages.

  1. First Mantra or First Initiation - This is the initial mantra which a person gets on getting initiated.
  2. Second Mantra or Second Initiation or Satnaam - Once a person has had the first mantra for a minimum of 4 months, one becomes eligible for taking the second mantra or the satnaam. For this mantra, one has to visit a namdaan centre personally to get it.
  3. Third Mantra or Third Initiation or Saarnaam - A saarnaam is only granted when the True Master orders it. Usually it takes a few years before one becomes worthy of being granted the saanaam. Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj himself orders for a disciple to be granted this naam when He sees that one has become eligible. Currently this mantra is only given in India and one has visit India to get it.

What to Expect during Initiation (Namdaan)

Initiation is provided by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj via the means of a pre-recorded video.

  • First of all the aspirant is asked about their willingness to take initiation. If they are willing to be initiated they are asked about the rules again, whether they are willing to abide by them. If one is acceptable of the rules and has understood the knowledge, one is imparted namdaan or naam diksha.
  • A pre-recorded video is played whereby Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj explains all the mantras, how they have to be chanted and further details about them.
  • Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj explains everything in Hindi language. The Mantras have to be recited as such. Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj repeats it twice in the video. Even then if someone is unable to comprehend it fully, the people facilitating the process help one understand it. For language issues, people will help translate what Sant Rampal Ji is saying in to English language. However the mantras have to recited in the original language. With a little bit of practice one can learn and memorize it very easily.
  • A written card or a booklet is provided thereafter which contains the written mantra (as no one can memorize the mantra straightaway) from which one can read the mantra everyday. A minimum of 108 mantras have to be recited everyday. These can be done in one go or in chunks making sure at least 108 mantras are done in a day. These have to be done every day. 
  • There is no charge for initiation.

Is there anything else that one has to do apart from chanting Mantras?

Yes. Along with the mantras, a disciple has to also do prayer of 3 times. This has to be repeated daily.

These prayers are basically recitation of speech of Kabir Sahib and Garib Das Ji Maharaj. This is done in morning, afternoon and evening. It is explained further below.

  • Morning Prayer (also called Nitniyam) - It has to be done before 12 noon. It takes approximately 30-40 minutes to finish this prayer. One can read it from a book called "Bhaktibodh" or can also listen to it via an Mp3 file or even watch a video. The idea is to listen and act upon the message given by the prayer.
  • Afternoon Prayer (also called Rameni) - This takes anywhere between 10-15 minutes to finish. Again it can be read or listened to or watched. This has to be done in the afternoon or later on but before 12 am midnight. 
  • Evening Prayer (also called Aarti) - This takes around 25-30 minutes to finish. Like the other two prayers this can be read, or listened to or watched via a video. This has to be done in the evenings ideally at the confluence of day and night or anytime up to 12 am midnight. 

The book "Bhaktibodh" will be given to a disciple (free of charge) during the initiation process. Disciples can also download it for free from the website. It is available for download from the publications page. It is available in various languages. 

The mp3 files for these prayers are also available for free download on the website on the download page or can be listened to here.

The videos for these prayers are also available to watch on the website or on YouTube.

How does one get Satnaam or the Second Mantra

The purpose of reciting the first mantra is to pay the debt of 5 major deities residing in our body lotuses. The mantras are specific for those deities. Once a disciple has done this for a minimum of 4 months without breaking any rules, he or she becomes eligible for attaining the second mantra or the "Satnaam".

The process for obtaining the "Satnaam" is similar to the first mantra. It is imparted via a recorded video by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. One needs to visit the naamdaan centre to get it. There is a small test that is taken before the second mantra is imparted. In the test one is asked about the first mantra, its significance and the pertaining deity. 

Again there is no charge for any initiation.

Does one have to follow any further rules or conditions for getting Satnaam or the Second Mantra

Yes, there are few extra rules which one has to follow after taking satnaam. These are available with the namdaan centres and will be given to the disciple during or after the first initiation. If you are not given these, then please ask the namdaan centre about it. 

Can anyone take Initiation / Naam Diksha / Namdaan

Yes, anyone can take initiation irrespective of their previous background as long as they are willing to follow the rules and do worship as directed by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. 

The purpose of human life is to worship Supreme God Kabir and return to our original abode, Satlok (Sachkhand, eternal place). Anyone and everyone wanting to worship Supreme God Kabir can take naam (initiation) from Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj irrespective of  their cast, creed, colour, faith or religion as God created every human equal.

What is the youngest age at which one can take Initiation

Once a child starts speaking and is able to follow instructions, and has the ability to recite the mantra, they can take naam. This generally happens beyond the age of 3-4 years. 

What happens if one breaks or does not follow any rule

If one does not follow any rule then he or she becomes devoid of the initiation (naam). The naam gets disconnected and will not be fruitful anymore. Likewise, the worship will not be successful.

Sometimes a rule gets broken unknowingly / accidentally, which is generally forgiven by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj but one must never break a rule knowingly. 

What can one do to connect the Naam again or get re-initiated

One has to ask for forgiveness from Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and pledge not to break any rule to take naam or initiation again. Only after one gets re-initiated, the worship starts to get successful again. A person whose naam is disconnected will not reap any benefits of worship.

Will Initiation via a Pre-recorded video have the same effect as Initiation received in person

Some people cast doubt whether initiation taken via a video recording will have the same effect as to when one takes it in person. 

Yes, Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj says that initiation given via a pre-recorded video will have exactly the same effect as if it was given in person by Sant Rampal Ji. This is the case because it is done by the orders of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. All the naam daan centres in India and abroad have been opened only after Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj has given the orders to do so. 

Previously Sant Rampal Ji used to give initiation in person to a group of people but as the number of aspirants increased, He ordained the naam to be given via a pre-recorded video. This was the procedure followed in the ashram too. So people need not worry taking naam via a video as the effect and the end result is exactly the same.

Important: Women and men both have the right to attain God. Women even during their monthly periods (menses) should not stop their daily worship and lighting lamp etc. Nor does one have to stop the daily worship on anyone's death or birth.

What evidence do holy scriptures provide about taking initiation to attain salvation.  

Yajurved Adhyay 19 Mantra 25

Arddh richaeH ukthanm roopam padaeH aapnoti nividH 
PrnvaeH shastranam roopam paysa somH aapyate |25|

Meaning - The Tatvadarshi saint grants true (coded) salvation mantras in three stages. He is the knower of Vedas and has complete spiritual knowledge.  

Samved Mantra no. 822 Samved Utarchik Adhyay 3 Khand no. 5 Shlok no. 8

ManeeshibhiH – pavte – poorvyaH – Kavir′ - nrbhiH – yatH – pari – koshaan′ - asishyadat′ - tri – tasya – naam – janayan′ - madhu – ksharanH – na – indrasya – vaayum′ - sakhyay – vardhyan′

Meaning - The eternal God Kabir manifesting in the form of a Satguru provides Jaap/Sumiran of three-words salvation mantra (coded) to God-loving souls. He blesses them to attain the Supreme God. He even increases the life of his dear devotees.

Gita Adhyay 17 Shlok 23

(ॐ,) Om Tat, Sat, iti nirdeshH, BrhmnH, trividhH, smritH, 
BrahmnaH, ten, vedaH, ch, yagyaH, ch, vihitaH, pura

Meaning - The Knowledge giver of pious Gita Ji tells ‘OM-TAT-SAT’ (coded) is the mantra to attain salvation which is granted by an enlightened saint. He does not know. His mantra straight forward is ‘OM’. But ‘Tat-Sat’ (indicative mantra) is unknown to him. An authorized saint will only grant.

Quran Sharif in Surah-Shura 42 Ayat 1

It has been mentioned in pious Quran Sharif that a Bakhabar / Illamwala (Knowledgeable) will tell three-word mantra ‘Ain-Seen-Qaaf’ (indicative) to the devotee which will provide them freedom from the web of Shaitan.

Sant Garibdas Ji mentions about salvation mantra in his sacred speech

पांच नाम गुझ गायत्री आत्म तत्व जगाओ।
ॐ किलियं हरियम् श्रीयम् सोहं ध्याओ।।

Paanch naam gujh gayatri aatm tatv jagaao
ॐ kiliyaM hariyam shriyam sohM dhyaao

Meaning: This means that you awaken your soul by doing Sumiran of five Naam which are ‘Gujh Gayatri’.

Sant Rampal Ji is the same Tatvadarshi Saint who provides three words salvation mantras in three stages whose procedure has been well explained in this article which is the solution for all willing disciples who wish to attain God. The complete course of attaining salvation has been mentioned in this write-up.


It has been mentioned in Sukshma Veda

Bhakti bina narr kharr ek hai,
Jin Harr padd nahi jaanya.
Puran Brahm ki parakh nahi re,
Pooj mre paashana!

Readers are advised, without giving a second thought, take initiation from Real Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj and become eligible to attain salvation.


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Arpita Kapoor

After reading this article, I realize the importance of initiation. However, I believe the rules for taking initiation should be simplified to make it easier for people to begin this spiritual journey.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we appreciate your engagement with our article. The rules set for initiation are mandatory, and without following them, one will not receive the benefits of the Almighty. Upon deeper analysis, you'll find that these rules are established for the well-being of devotees. Not adhering to them could be detrimental to one's path of devotion, and complete salvation will remain elusive. We recommend that you thoroughly understand the spiritual knowledge provided by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and read the book "Gyan Ganga" for a more comprehensive understanding.

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After reading the article, I am experiencing mixed emotions. I am saddened because I've been practicing devotion for the past 25 years without experiencing any benefits. On the other hand, I'm happy to have found the right path. However, I am still uncertain about whether this path is correct, as my ultimate goal is to attain salvation and more than half-life have already passed.

Satlok Ashram

Dear reader, we appreciate your comments regarding our article. It is indeed disheartening that you spent 25 years in the wrong way of worship without experiencing any benefits. Our mission is to educate people about the right way of worship and save their human lives from going astray. You can trust the information provided in our article, as it is entirely based on scripture and is authentic. For your peace of mind, we recommend that you delve deeper into the complete spiritual knowledge by listening to the spiritual discourses of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj and reading the book "Jeene Ki Rah." This will help you gain a more comprehensive understanding of the path to salvation.