God Shiv Shankar had given updesh (initiation) to Parvati Ji in a solitary place. Because of which Mother Parvati Ji became this much liberated that until God Shiv Ji (Tamgun) will not die, even Uma Ji (Parvati) will not die. After the death of seven Brahma Ji (Rajogun), God Vishnu (Satogun) will die. After the death of seven Vishnu Ji, Shiv Ji will die. Then mother Parvati Ji will also die; did not attain complete salvation. Even then, whatever benefit Parvati Ji attained, that also she obtained after taking updesh-mantra from an authorised person. Later, devotees to keep the memory of that place where God Shiv gave Parvati ji naam-updesh, kept it safe and visitors started going there.

Like, this Das (Saint Rampal) goes to different-different places to do satsang. There kheer and halwa (sweet dishes) are also prepared. A devout soul, who attends the satsang and obtains updesh, gets his welfare done and also gets to eat the communal meal prepared. After the conclusion of the satsang, we remove all the tents and go to another place for satsang. Most of the times the make-shift clay oven and stove made from clay or bricks is left at the palce where satsang was held.

Now if someone says to a man of that city that, come, I will show you the place where Saint Rampal Das Ji’s satsang was held and sweets were made and takes him there, it is of no use to that person. All he can see is those clay ovens where meals were cooked. He neither gets the sweets nor gets to hear the sacred speech of satsang and nor can obtain updesh by which welfare can be done. For getting all this he will have to search for the saint and the place where the satsang (spiritual discourse) is being held, and then by visiting that Saint, all the tasks will be accomplished.

Similarly, going to the places of pilgrimage is like only seeing that memorial place-like oven. This however is of no benefit and because such a worship is not mentioned in Holy Bhagavad Gita, it is against the scriptures. (Evidence: Holy Gita Adhyay 16 Mantra 23, 24).

The devotees misled by the saints, mahants and aacharyas, who are devoid of Tattavgyan, go to "Places of Pilgrimage" for the sake of self-wellbeing. On a few occasions in the past the devotees who went to Shri Amarnaath have succumbed three-four times by being buried under the snowstorm. Everytime the number of casualties have been in thousands. It is a matter deserving consideration that had the visit to and worship of Shri Amarnaath Ji been beneficial, would God Shiv not have saved those devotees? Which means, God Shiv Ji is also not happy with the way of worship which is against the scriptures.