The three gunas (qualities) are Rajgun (Rajas) Brahma, Satgun (Sattva) Vishnu, and Tamgun (Tamas) Shiv. They have taken birth from Brahm (Kaal, Satan) and Prakriti (Durga Devi) and all three are perishable."

Evidence: - Shri Shiv Mahapuran, published from Gitapress Gorakhpur, edited by Shri Hanuman Prasad Poddar, Page no. 24 to 26, Vidhveshwar Sanhita, and page no. 110, Adhyay 9, Rudra Sanhita 

"In this way, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiv, the three gods have qualities, but Shiv (Brahm-Kaal) is said to be beyond qualities."

Second evidence: - Shrimad devibhagwat Puran, published from Gitapress Gorakhpur, edited by Shri Hanuman Prasad Poddar and Chiman Lal Goswami, Skand 3, Adhyay 5, page no.123 :-

God Vishnu prayed to Durga: said that I (Vishnu), Brahma, and Shankar are existing by your grace. We have birth (aavirbhaav) and death (tirobhaav). We are not eternal (immortal). Only you are eternal, are the mother of the world (jagat janani), are Prakriti, and Goddess Sanatani (existing for time immemorial). God Shiv said: If god Brahma and god Vishnu have taken birth from you, then am I, Shankar, who was born after them and perform Tamoguni leela (divine play), not your son? Henceforth, you are my mother too. Your gunas are always present everywhere in this world's creation, preservation, and destruction. Born of these three gunas (qualities), we, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shankar, remain devoted to work according to the regulations.

The above-mentioned description is from Shri Devi mahapuran which is only translated in Hindi, in which some of the facts have been concealed. Therefore, see this very evidence in Shrimad devibhagwat Mahapuran Sabhashtikam Smahatyam, Khemraj Shri Krishna Das Prakashan Mumbai. In this, Hindi translation is written along with Sanskrit. Skand 3, Adhyay 4, Page no. 10, Shlok 42:-

Brahma Aham MaheshwarH fil te prabhawatsarve vyaM jani yuta na yada tu nityaH, Ke anye suraH shatmakh pramukhaH ch nitya nitya twamev janani PrakritiH Purana ||(42)||

Translation :- Oh Mother! Brahma, I, and Shiv take birth from your influence only, are not eternal i.e we are not immortal, then how can other Indra etc, gods be eternal. Only you are immortal, are Prakriti and Sanatani Devi (42).

Page no. 11-12 Adhyay 5, Shlok 8: -

Yadi dayardramna na sadambike kathamhaM vihitH ch tamogunaH Kamaljshch rajogunsambhavH suvihitH kimu satvguno HariH | |(8)||

Translation :- God Shankar said, "Oh Mother! If you are kind to us then why did you make me Tamogun (Tamas), why did you make Brahma, who has originated from lotus, Rajgun (Rajas), and why did you make Vishnu, Satgun (Sattva)?" i.e. why did you engage us in the evil deed of the birth and death of the living

Shlok 12: - Ramayse swapatiM purushM sada tav gatiM na hi vih vid am shive || (12)||

Translation: - You are always doing sexual intercourse with your husband purush i.e. Kaal God. Nobody knows your state.

Conclusion: It has been proved from the above-mentioned evidence that - Rajgun (Rajas) is Brahma, Satgun (Sattva) is Vishnu and Tamgun (Tamas) is Shiv. These three are perishable. Durga's husband is Brahm (Kaal). This has also been proved that Durga and Brahm (Kaal) are in form.

Brahma is Rajgun (Rajas), Vishnu is Satgun (Sattva) & Shiv is Tamgun (Tamas) (Devibhagwat Puran, Shiv Puran, Markande Puran)

The video below evidence from the Purans and proves the following

1. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv are in birth and death. They are NOT immortal.
2. Brahma is Rajogun, Vishnu is Satogun and Shiv is Tamogun.
3. Durga is their mother and Brahm (Kaal/SadaShiv) is their father.
4. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv only perform their designated tasks according to the rules. They cannot do any favour to anyone. They only give what is in one's destiny. These gods cannot make any changes.
5. Durga is also called Prakriti.