Jagat Guru Rampal Ji Maharaj

Shrimad Bhagavad Gita

Who delivered the knowledge of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Ji?

The knowledge of Holy Bhagavad Gita Ji was delivered at that time when the battle of Mahabharat was about to happen. Arjun had refused to fight. Why was the battle taking place? This battle cannot even be given the title of a religious battle (crusade) because it was a matter of division of wealth between two families. The division of property of Kauravs and Pandavs was not happening. Kauravs had even refused to give half of the kingdom to the Pandavs. God Shri Krishna Ji went thrice as a peace-messenger to intervene between the two sides. But both the sides were unrelentingly adamant. Shri Krishna Ji also warned them of the catastrophic aftermaths of the war that who knows how many sisters will become widows and how many children will be orphaned. You will not gain anything, but heinous sin. No one knows who will die and who will live in the battle? When the third time Shri Krishna Ji went for negotiation, both the sides showed the list of all the kings along with their armies on their sides, and said that these many kings are in our favour and these in ours. When Shri Krishna Ji saw that both the sides are rigid and ready for the war, then Shri Krishna Ji thought that there is one more trick; let me use that too today. Shri Krishna Ji thought that may be Pandavs, because of being my relatives, are being adamant thinking that Shri Krishna Ji is with us; we will certainly be victorious (because Shri Krishna Ji’s sister Subhadra was married to Shri Arjun Ji). Shri Krishna Ji said that on one side, there will be my whole army and on the other side, I. Besides this, I also pledge that I will not take up any arms. The ground slipped from under Pandavs’ feet on hearing this announcement. They felt that now our defeat is certain. Considering this, the five Pandavs went out of the assembly saying that let us think about it. After some time, they requested Shri Krishna Ji to come out of the assembly. When Shri Krishna Ji came out, the Pandavs said, “Oh Lord! Get us five villages; we don’t want war. Our self-esteem will also be maintained and as per your wish, the war will also be averted.”

Shri Krishna Ji was very pleased with this decision of Pandavs and thought that bad time has been obviated. Shri Krishna Ji returned to the assembly. There were only Kauravs and their allies left in the assembly. Shri Krishna Ji said, “Duryodhan, the war has been averted. It was also my heartfelt desire. You may give five villages to Pandavs. They are saying that they do not want a war.” Duryodhan said that for Pandavs, there is not even land equivalent to a needle’s tip. If they want, they may come to the field of Kurukshetra for a battle. Shri Krishna becoming annoyed on this said, “Duryodhan, you are not a human being, but a devil. On one hand, is half kingdom, and on the other, just five villages. Follow my advice, give five villages.” Duryodhan became agitated with Shri Krishna and ordered other warriors, present in the assembly, to arrest Shri Krishna, and imprison him. On getting the order, the warriors surrounded Shri Krishna from all sides. Shri Krishna Ji showed his ‘Viraat’ (huge) form; as a result of which, all the warriors and Kauravs hid under the chairs in fear, and their eyes were shut by the strong light of Shri Krishna’s body. Shri Krishna left from there.

Bhagavad Gita Adhyay 11 Shlok 32

Let us ponder: - The evidence of the exhibition of the above-mentioned ‘Viraat’ form is available in ‘Sankshipt Mahabharat’, published from Gita Press Gorakhpur.

While delivering the knowledge of Gita Ji in the field of Kurukshetra, in Adhyay 11 Shlok 32, the God narrating the Holy Gita has said, “Arjun, I am an enlarged Kaal. I have appeared now to eat all the loks.” Just think that Shri Krishna Ji was already with Shri Arjun Ji. Had Shri Krishna Ji been delivering the knowledge of Gita Ji, then he would not have said that I have appeared now. Shri Krishna Ji was not Kaal. Pleased by just a sight of him, human beings and animals (cows etc.) used to come to Shri Krishna Ji and obtain love. Without Krishna ji's audience, gopis used to leave eating and drinking. Therefore Kaal is some other power. He, by entering into Shri Krishna Ji’s body like a ghost, narrated the gist of the four Holy Vedas in the form of the knowledge of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Ji.

Kaal (Brahm) has one thousand arms. Shri Krishna Ji was an incarnation of Shri Vishnu Ji, who has four arms.

Bhagavad Gita Adhyay 11 Shlok 21

Then in Adhyay 11, Shlok 21, Arjun is saying that Oh Lord! You are even eating the sages, gods and siddhs (endowed with supernatural powers), who are praising you only by reciting mantras from the Holy Vedas and are praying for the protection of their lives. Some are hanging in your jaws and some are going into your mouth.

Bhagavad Gita Adhyay 11 Shlok 46

In Adhyay 11 Shlok 46, Arjun says, Oh Sahasrbaahu i.e. God with thousand arms! You please come in that same chaturbhuj (with four arms) form of yours. I am unable to stay composed after seeing your dreadful appearance.


One fact that has been proved from the aforesaid explanation is that in Kaurav’s assembly, Shri Krishna Ji had shown the ‘Viraat ’ form and here in the battlefield, Kaal (by entering into Shri Krishna Ji’s body like a ghost) had shown his ‘Viraat’ form. Otherwise, he would not have said that nobody has seen this ‘Viraat’ form before, except you. Because, Shri Krishna Ji had already shown his ‘Viraat’ form in Kaurav’s assembly.

Secondly, this has been proved that the narrator of Holy Gita Ji is Kaal (Brahm / Jyoti Niranjan), and not Shri Krishna Ji because Shri Krishna never said before that I am Kaal and never said afterwards that I am Kaal. Shri Krishna Ji can not be Kaal; men and women from far-off places used to long for a sight of his. Moreover Krishna Ji did not remember what he said in Bhagavad Gita. More on this topic is given below.

The third thing that has been proved is that God, who is the narrator of Holy Gita Ji, is sahasrbaahu i.e. he possesses thousand arms, whereas Shri Krishna Ji is an incarnation of Shri Vishnu Ji who has four arms. Shri Vishnu Ji possesses 16 kalaas (skills/art); whereas, Shri Jyoti Niranjan, Kaal God, is equipped with thousand kalaas.

Arjun refused to fight but Kaal forced him to fight

Bhagavad Gita Adhyay 1 Shlok 31

Prior to acquiring this Tattavgyan (true spiritual knowledge), this Das (Rampal Das) used to question the Mahatma Ji who used to explain the knowledge of Gita Ji, that previously Shri Krishna Ji had gone thrice as a peace-messenger and had said that it is a heinous sin to fight, but when Shri Arjun Ji himself while refusing to fight, said, “Oh Devkinandan, I do not want to fight. Foreseeing the destruction of the near and dear ones, relatives and of soldiers, standing in front of me, I have firmly decided that even if I get the kingdom of the three loks, I will not fight. Rather I wish that Duryodhan and others may kill, the unarmed me, with arrows, so that my death can prevent the destruction resulting from the war. Oh Shri Krishna! I consider subsisting by eating begged food, better than fighting. Oh Krishna! By killing near and dear ones, we will only incur sin. My mind has stopped working. You are our Guru; I am your disciple. Suggest me whatever is in our favour. But I do not believe that any suggestion of yours will be able to persuade me to fight. In other words, I will not fight.” (Evidence – Holy Gita Ji, Adhyay 1 Shlok 31 to 39, 46, and Adhyay 2 Shlok 5 to 8.)

Then Kaal, entered in Shri Krishna Ji’s body, is repeatedly saying, “Arjun, don’t be a coward, fight! Either you will die in war and go to heaven, or will win the war and rule the Earth.” By saying all this, Kaal (Brahm) caused terrible destruction. To date, no saint - mahatma or a civilized person can be found with such a bad character.

Krishna Ji tried his level best to avert the war. Had it been Shri Krishna Ji, he would have lauded Arjun's decision on not fighting the war. People generally say on this point that Krishna Ji asked Arjun to fight because he was forgetting his Kshtriya duties. This too is not correct. Shri Krishna Ji himself was a kshtriya but during the battle with Kalya-yavan, Krishna ji challenged Kalya-yavan for a dual fight and then ran away from the battle field. Since then Krishna Ji has also been known as "Ranchhod Bhagwaan". Shri Krishna did this on purpose to save the armies from killing each other. Instead he got Kalya-yavan killed by a demon called Muchkand and then brought his dead body before the Kalya-yavan's army who then accepted defeat. Hence Krishna ji saved thousands of lives.

The reality is that God Kaal, who is the master of twenty-one brahmands, has pledged that he will not appear before any one in his manifested bodily form (in his actual human-like visible form). He only entering into Shri Krishna Ji’s body like a ghost by assuming an immaterial body gave the knowledge of Gita (the essence of Vedas) correctly, but left no shortcomings in conjectures to cause the war. Who is Kaal (Brahm)? To know about this, read “Creation of Nature” in the book “Gyan Ganga”.

Until the battle of Mahabharat ended, Jyoti Niranjan (Kaal / Brahm / Kshar Purush) kept entering into Shri Krishna Ji’s body from time to time. He only made Yudhishthir lie, to say that Ashwatthama has died; he got Bheem’s grandson and Ghatotkachh’s son Shri Barbreek alias Babru Bhan’s head cut off and he himself lifted the wheel of the chariot as a weapon. All this turmoil was caused by Kaal only, and not by God Shri Krishna Ji. As soon as the battle of Mahabharat ended, Kaal came out of Shri Krishna Ji’s body.

Shri Krishna Ji does not remember what he said in Bhagavad Gita

After the war ended Shri Krishna Ji installed Shri Yudhishthir on the royal throne of Indraprasth and planned to leave for Dwarika. Then Arjun and others requested him, “Oh Shri Krishna Ji! You are our revered Gurudev; deliver a spiritual discourse (satsang) to us before leaving, so that we may follow your true words for our welfare.

Shri Krishna Ji accepted this request and fixed a date, time, and place. On the fixed date, Shri Arjun said to God Shri Krishna Ji, “Lord! Deliver that very knowledge of Gita Ji, in its entirety, today, as I have forgotten it because of mental aberration.” Then Shri Krishna Ji said, “Oh Arjun! You definitely are very devotionless. Your memory is not good. Why did you forget such a sacred knowledge?” Then he himself said that now I cannot say that whole knowledge of Gita i.e. I don’t know it. He said, “At that time I had said it by being connected with God (yog-yukt ).”

It is a matter of consideration that if God Shri Krishna Ji had got connected with God during the war, then it would not have been difficult to connect with God during peacetime. Whereas, years later, Shri Vyas Ji wrote that very knowledge of Holy Gita Ji in its entirety. At that time, that Brahm (Kaal / Jyoti Niranjan) entered into Shri Vyas Ji’s body and got the Holy Shrimad bhagwat Gita Ji written down, which is now in your hands.

For reference: Sankshipt (concise) Mahabharat, page no. 667 and page no 1531 of the old book and / or watch the video above.

For further information please visit the publication section and read the book "Gyan Ganga".