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  • en Identification of a True Saint

    Identification of a Complete Saint from Holy Scriptures There is evidence in Vedas, Gita Ji etc Holy Scriptures that whenever there is decline of virtues and an uprise of sins...
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  • en What is the Age of Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Brahm (Kaal) & Par Brahm

    Brahma’s age is of 100 years (divya varsh / god years). Calculation of a divya varsh / god year One day of Brahma = 1000 (one thousand) chaturyug (four yugas)...
  • en Who is the Supreme God & What does He look like

    Who is the Master of Lineage (कुल का मालिक) (Supreme God) and What Does He Look Like Whichever pious souls attained God, they told that the Master of the lineage...
  • en Holy Scriptures also the Witness of Kavir Dev (God Kabir)

    The narrator of the Holy Vedas, Brahm is saying that regarding the Supreme God KavirDev some believe that He comes in incarnation form by taking birth; some call Him as...