Kabir Sagar Amar Mool Bodh Sagar, Page225
It is clear from the aforesaid speech that Kadihaar Guru i.e. Taaranhaar (the Saviour) (Complete Saint) provides upto Saarnaam in three stages and in the fourth stage provides Saarshabd. I had seen the evidence in Kabir Sagar afterwards, but already venerable Grandfather Gurudev and Parmeshwar Kabir Sahib Ji had granted the method of updesh to my venerable Gurudev who, from the beginning, has been giving naam-daan to us in three stages.
Gita Adhyay 17, Shlok 23
Om is mantra of Brahm, Tat - this is indicative mantra of ParBrahm, Sat - this is indicative mantra of Purna Brahm, in this way, this is said to be an indication of sumiran of three types of naams for attaining Purna Parmatma, and in the beginning of nature, Brahmins i.e. learned men used to do sadhna based on this only and they told that, that same Purna Parmatma created Ved and yagya etc.
Mantra 822, Samved Utrachik Adhyay 3 Khand 5 Shlok 8
The Primordial i.e. Eternal Kabir Parmeshwar assuming a human form i.e. appearing as a Guru or through Tattavdarshi saints, giving three mantras i.e. naam updesh to a devout soul who does bhakti with devotion from heart, by purifying him, releases him from birth and death, and completely increases his countable life-breaths, which have been put according to the destiny, from His treasure on the basis of friendship. As a result of which, makes him attain the real happiness of Parmeshwar by His blessings.